Working Hard

The “Nemo” snowstorm didn’t affect us much here.  We were slightly off the path and managed to avoid most of the issues the rest of the east coast is having like a lot of snow in a very short amount of time, roads shutdown, and power outages.  We got a few inches of wet, heavy snow, and I’m grateful I didn’t have to go to work but otherwise, it hasn’t been a problem.

Today was spent working at the house we purchased with our daughter in mind and as rental income (it has two apartments).  Lots of demo and rebuilding has been going on and now we are painting the interior. This is what we will be doing for awhile and we hope to get her living in there by March.

We completely finished one bedroom today – walls, ceiling, trim work – (priming everything first) and got another bedroom half done. Tomorrow we finish the second bedroom and start on the bathroom so the guys can get the new toilet and countertop and sink in after we get the walls done. After that, we move on to the livingroom, dining room, the third bedroom and eventually, the kitchen. My daughter and I both love colors so each room is a different color based on the use and the flow and the main person using the room.

The house was neglected for years and years and was in pretty sad condition.  What we’ve done is just the beginning though, since the second apartment is in worse condition.  It’s a lot of work!  But the results when we finish a room are so fresh and pretty and I love seeing it all come together.  It sure is not as easy as the tv shows make it look!  At this point though, I just want to get my daughter and grandkids in there and be done.  In the end, when it’s finished, it will be a lovely, roomy and pleasant place for them to live.

I assume I am well enough now to work this hard after the last two weeks of feeling yucky.  I feel okay, but very tired tonight.  In the back of my head is the thought that when they are settled, I will be able to go off with a clear mind and do what I want to do, finally.  Whatever that turns out to be.  Yup, I have ulterior motives.  Don’t tell them that though lol.


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