Dropping A Lifelong Guard


Look at this week’s horoscope for me….


by Stephanie Azaria

Deeply felt emotion washes over you every which way you turn right now, and though it isn’t your usual state and it may feel slightly (or a lot) uncomfortable, there is a part of you that knows it’s important and extremely good for you. Let those feelings come. No need to identify with them, just watch them, like a river going by, and know they are returning you, at long last, to your heart center. You can create anything and everything you want for your life from that still center, it’s been the getting there and staying there that’s been such a chore. While you’re feeling feelings you rarely allow yourself, take the time to look for the blessing in each experience. The good is always there, it’s just a question of what you’re looking at.

Joy and gratitude are always worth the effort.


Open hearted.  I’ve never truly known that feeling until recently.  Unaware, I have walked around with a shell around mine since childhood. 

Because being open means allowing others to come in and perhaps hurt you. 

It also means allowing others to love you.  In the best way they know how.

As I grow into my true self, my heart opens more and more.  I know this because emotions flood through me, often making me cry or laugh unexpectedly, sometimes both at the same time.  And it always surprises me when it happens. 

Yesterday, I was feeling like I may have been unkind or judgemental in my speaking and I texted to my friend with additional words so she knew I wasn’t judging her, just expressing my own preferences about what we were talking about.  She texted back, No worries, I didn’t feel that from you.  I understand!

Immediately, tears came to my eyes at the understanding and verbal hug I was given.  I thought, she saw me! She really sees me.  What a gift.

There was also a second incident and again, I had the same teary reaction.  So, am I now going to walk around with wet eyes all the time?   Open heart is sure going to take some getting used to! 



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