Random Bits

I have spent the last three days down, resting, sleeping, reading, meditating, and more sleeping.  For some reason, I still can’t taste or smell.  That is not fun since I can’t tell if what anything smells like and I can’t tell how “good” my homemade soup is or anything else I might want to make to eat.  Today my head feels clear and like I can function without wanting to immediately head back to the couch again (for now) so I go back to work.  All I can say is, glad I can sit down for this job lol.

Last week we had a 60 degree day here that melted what was left of our recent snowfall and wouldn’t you know it, the snow came down again all weekend and now the ground is once more all white.  The roads are clear though so that’s good.

Saturday I discussed my latest dream I described on here with Lisa Gawlas and she gave me some more insight about it.  I understood it yet there were deeper levels to it, as always.  The driver of the car was male, representing the ego, my ego, who was in a big, fat hurry, like most egos, “to do it fast and do it my way” all without listening to the soul, the me in the backseat who asked him to slow down.  Well, that totally clicked with me.  Left behind while he sped away on the cliff road was a female, my intuitive side.  Wow, that one never occurred to me!  I returned to her after the crash , knowing I was not dead.  I woke immediately but can imagine myself joining with her in partnership after the ego was removed from the driver’s seat.

Interesting, eh?  I loved this new insight!

My friend, MF, heads back to Panama next month for a recheck and some more surgery.  Is it wrong to be a tad jealous that she gets to go back there?  LOL.  Panama has not been very far from my thoughts since I came back.  The reasons she goes there is not so fun, but it is such a lovely place.  I checked the weather yesterday, 86 degrees.  It’s 25 here.  I float on the waters in the ocean and smile with the people in my daydreams…..

Well, now I must get busy so I can make it out of this house on time.  Happy Monday.



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    • Cool huh. Sometimes it takes another to see what you’re missing while living it. Lisa thought I might have shortcircuited the clearing by going to the doc but I am not going to see it that way. Two weeks of feeling worse every single day was about all I could handle by then. Anyway, it’s done so on from here.
      Thanks for good wishes and the comments, Sue and Cheryl.


  1. Hi Dorothy, catching up with your blog and reading about your illness, I was struck by the thought that maybe you made a big jump in your personal vibration in Panama and that has bought up a lot of old energy that is being released from you through your illness. We seem to use illness to shift stuff out through our energy fields 😦 Hope you feel better soon anyway, Sue 🙂


    • I never connected Panama to this but it does make sense, Sue. Thanks for that. I do agree that it was/is a clearing out of old gunk. Must’ve been a bunch of thick and stubborn stuff lol. I am on the way to feeling much better, every day a little bit at a time. Now, if I could only get my senses of taste and smell back asap, that would be awesome! :p


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