Sick Day

I stayed home today.  Never got out of my jammies and barely left the couch.  I even napped for quite awhile.  I went to the doc yesterday after finally accepting I needed some help to get over this.  I couldn’t breathe nor stop coughing and my sinuses and head and muscles hurt like crazy.  Two weeks of this and I should have been able to heal but didn’t.  No clue why other than I didn’t take any time off to be still.  I am not a medicine fan nor a doctor-going person and only go if I just cannot clear it on my own, so for me to cave and go there for help was a big thing.  I have not had a cold of any sort in over two years so this whole illness was a big surprise to me and I fought it, ie ignored it.

I actually feel much better tonight, not coughing that much and I can breathe with my mouth closed lol.  Still got a sinus headache but better.  Not perfect but I can tell I am healing finally.  Whew.  Light at the end of the tunnel….




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