I’m Alive!

I woke with a potent dream early this morning, and because I can, I share it with you here.

I was in the backseat of a car with two others, a man was driving.  We were supposed to be waiting for another person to join us in the car, but the driver was in too big of a hurry to wait so he just drove away while I protested.  On this narrow, hilly road he began to drive faster and faster.  We were speeding around curves and bends next to a cliff and I became concerned because I could see the ocean below us to our left.

cliff road

It was a long way down.  I could see rocks and big waves crashing around them.  I told the driver he was going too fast and just as that came out, we went off the edge, flew through the air and headed through the air toward the rocks.  I wasn’t scared actually, just thought, well, damn, we’re going to crash and die.  In fact, I don’t remember hitting the rocks.

Next thing I knew I was standing next to the person we had left behind, preparing to tell her that we had crashed and someone had died (me?).  But as she looked at the news show on the t.v. about the accident, I realised I was alive.  I hadn’t died.  Amazed, I said, mostly to myself, “I’m Alive!”  She grabbed my forearm like she was reassuring me, or herself, not sure.  I just remember feeling dumbfounded that I didn’t die in that horrible crash, and how was that possible?  I think the other two did, but I don’t know because I woke up immediately, full of emotion from what I had just dreamt.

Of course I had to ponder the message in this all day.  Here is what I believe my higher self was telling me:

There is no question that the way I lived my life in the past is dead.  That life that was directed and driven by others is no longer viable.  It’s gone.  Finished.  Over.  It has crashed and burned, so to speak.  It was going too fast, not listening, not being driven by me and has hit the rocks.  It was not doing what my soul has been directing it to do, not listening very well, and it was time for it to be over and I have been given a very clear message to that effect.

Yet, though this life I have lived all these years (lifetimes?) is finished, I am still living and will continue to do so.  My story is not over.  I am still alive.  I just have a new, self-directed life now.

Let’s see what I can create with this new, internally driven life now.


Actually, I see this dream as a metaphor for the whole planet, for all lifeforms here, but especially for us crazy humans who haven’t been listening very well nor applying the guidance given to us from our souls, guides, angels, spirit, whatever terms you use.  We’ve let outside forces tell us how to live and what to think up until recently.  That old life is done, it has crashed!  But we are not finished living yet so don’t be sad for one life ending.  We are eternal, and endings always are followed by beginnings.

Amazingly, despite all we have done to ourselves, each other, and the planet, we are very much ALIVE.  And in our lifetimes, we don’t have to die physically this time around to start over.  Yay!  We get to keep what we have learned this time around and from past lives, and now we can use all of it to begin again without all the baggage we acquired while learning it.

We are still alive and have things to create and do and be.

The vision of my car going over the cliff edge and heading towards the rocks is burned into my head.  I was not scared in the dream, unlike past dreams, but seeing me standing there afterwards saying, “I’m alive!” is the highlight.  Yes, I am.

(Yep, and my stuffy nose and clogged sinuses agree with that assessment lol!)

2 responses

  1. what a wonderful explanation of a dream…I think you have a future here gal…I would pay you to interpret my dreams…..I am amazed at your insight put into words….Hugs Pat


    • LOL think I can make a living at that?? Hmmmm…
      Send me a dream Pat and let’s see what we can do. I love dream interpretations and have always dreamt a lot. Lighthawk helped me make sense of things and how to see the symbols in them, also learning Tarot made a huge difference. It’s pretty much the way I get messages. Obviously I allow messages to come through that way easier than in the daytime.


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