What a fun, busy, tiring, hectic weekend we just had.  The drive there was not fun as we had to drive through another snowstorm that began to fall right when we were leaving home and followed us for most of the trip to NYC.  It took us an extra hour to get to our hotel, 5 1/2 hours as opposed to 4 1/2, which was about two hours way too long for Miss Kaia.

The room was nice, but we didn’t sleep well since it took me hours to figure out why the room was so hot.  The heater was unable to be adjusted so I finally just turned it off so I could sleep.  And my granddaughter demands a light be left on all night and I prefer it to be really dark….I tried to sleep with three pillows over my head lol.

We had a really nice, free breakfast at the hotel, got a quick swim in at the pool, then headed to the train station for the ride into the city.  So far so good.  It was really cold though and they were glad that I nagged them to bring warm clothes and hats and gloves.  This was Kaia’s first train ride so she was excited.  The tracks ran parallel to the Hudson River so we could see all the ice chunks and how frozen and beautiful it was as we rode.  At Grand Central Station I felt like an old pro at getting us around, finding directions and a taxi (I prefer Panamanian taxi drivers though).  We walked up stairs out the doors after Kaia stared at the beautiful ceiling in the station, all covered with constellations and paintings.  We tried to pick some out but I couldn’t remember the names of most or find the ones I knew.  I used to be a real astronomy buff but my memory has poofed these days!

We caught a taxi to Times Square and Kaia was having real issues with all the people around there as we explored the area.  She was very uncomfortable.  Her mom thought she felt unsafe, but I believe it was all the other energies swirling around her and that she felt that pressure on her own energy body.  Mentally, I called for help for her, asking spirit to surround her with extra protection and to keep out others’ energy.  After that, she seemed better.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat and made our way to the theatre.

We were up on a third floor balcony, but the view of the stage was marvelous.  The Gershwin Theatre itself was gorgeous and has been around for at least a hundred years.  Now, for you Europeans, that’s probably not very old, but to us, it is.  Our usher was fantastic, an older, very tall man with a deep voice, and he made us laugh as he led us to our seats. He said, Ah you are in the W row. W for Wicked. W for wonderful. And we saved these seats especially for you.  What a great way to start the show.

Wicked itself was awesome.  It was humorous and interesting, and even riveting at times.   They even managed to tie the story in with the Wizard of Oz story.  Who would have thought that Glinda the Good Witch would be the comic relief?  Hahaha!  We laughed a lot at her antics.  As Elphaba (the Wicked Witch before she was “wicked”) called her,  Glinda was “Blonde”.  We loved this show.  Good choosing, daughter dear!

Afterwards, we took Kaia to dinner on Times Square up on the second floor so she could watch the people and providentially, watch all the many characters come to life wandering around down there on the streets.  Fun to watch while we ate, and after dinner, we walked down and got our pictures taken with a couple of them.  We took Kaia to the huge Toys R Us store there and she fell in love with the gigantic Empire State Building and King Kong hanging onto the side of it, all made out of Legos.  Next to it was a giant Lego Incredible Hulk and she crawled in his arms so we could get a picture of her.  Very cute.  Then we wandered around, picked up a souvenir of her choice, caught a taxi back to Grand Central, and a train back to the hotel where we promptly slept for 11 hours straight, all of us!

Sunday, after another yummy breakfast, a quick dip in the pool and hot tub, we drove off.  Erin is nesting and buying curtains for her new home so we stopped at a huge mall by her request that we saw on the way down so she could see if she could find some more clearance deals.  This mall was, well, wow.  Four stories high.  It had an ice rink, a laser tag, a carousel, a ferris wheel, a bowling alley and a 85 ft. tall rope climbing obstacle adventure course.  After we dug through the clearance curtains and found some good deals, my daughter accompanied Kaia on the ferris wheel and then we ate lunch before we left.  That was after explaining to Kaia that though the climbing course ( http://www.palisadesclimb.com/) looked very fun, neither of us was willing to do it with her lol, nor wait for two hours while she played on it!

We didn’t leave there until almost 4:30 and didn’t get home until 9pm.  Good thing there was no school today, we wore Kaia out!  She had a really good time and so did we.  It was nice sharing our girls’ weekend with her now that she’s old enough to enjoy one with us.  We made some good memories.  The drive home was much nicer, with good weather and clear roads.

Unfortunately there is a yucky part to it.  I am still really congested today and coughed and blew a lot during the trip.  In fact, it seems worse today, I can hardly breathe and my sinuses feel the pressure as well as the glands in my neck.  Mouth breathing is not so enjoyable, in case you forgot lol.   Whatever I have and am clearing, it must be deep because it is not leaving very quickly!  It’s been years since I have had a cold like this, and may this be the last one I ever have!!

When I get pictures downloaded, I will share them but right now, I must go eat and do NOTHING.  I’m tired!



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