Two days ago, I was looking around in the 50-degree weather, the snow having all melted away after the huge snowstorm we had two weeks ago, and appreciating the sunshine and clear roads.  Then we woke up to snow again!  Not much but it turned everything white again.  And it continues to drift down tonight. 

Things change so fast, don’t they?  It feels like everything changes in a blink these days.  Gotta be careful what we think about so we don’t pull to us what we don’t want. 

I managed to create a cold for myself over the last day.  I know it crossed my mind about not having a cold or not getting the one my coworker has had for three weeks.  Hopefully I can create a short one!  No I am creating a short one!  I haven’t had one since my one and only last year.  Neither of them are/were “bad”but this one is centered in my throat for the most part.  Very telling, things are moving and releasing in that area for me.   

For the last two nights, I have opened my eyes nearly every hour on the hour, wide awake and thinking it’s time to get up.  Then I look at the time and realize only an hour or two has passed!  What?!  As a result of that and the cold I manifested, I am so very tired today!  (Actually I don’t know what preceded what, waking frequently or the cold…)  Methinks it shall be an early bedtime tonight.

Have you noticed how fast the days and the weeks go by now?  The days fly by and I find myself hard pressed to be on time throughout my day.  Whoosh, I blink and it’s Friday, and another work week has come and gone and I can’t remember most of it.  January is more than half gone already.  On Monday I caught myself thinking spring is nearly here!  LOL if it’s true to form, that doesn’t happen until April around here, but in this new “no-time”, it might feel like it happens next month. 

Next weekend is the weekend we three girls (me, my daughter and granddaughter) are having a girls’ weekend and going to see the musical “Wicked” on Broadway.  I have made no plans when we’re leaving or where we’re staying yet.  How’s that for being in the moment??  Seven years ago, I planned our NYC trip down to the nth degree several months ahead (which then fell apart), what a difference in what I do and how I feel these days.  No stress involved at all in this trip.

Well, I am off to bed, my friends.  Have a lovely Friday!





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