Happy Birthday Dorothy!


On this day a girl was born,

A beautiful bud without a thorn.

Her light shone brightly then,

But, now, it shines even brighter…

Especially when

She’s surrounded by beauty, family and friends.

Her humor brings smiles, her wisdom brings sight,

Into your own life, if you choose not to fight.

We all stand in awe of all that you hold.

We applaud you for sharing and the courage to be bold.

Hold on to your voice, your beliefs, and your paths,

They inspire us greatly,

And present us the challenge to find our own craft…

Know in your heart that you are loved every day,

By those who’ve been blessed by your kind, gentle way.

Happy Birthday My Dear!

Enjoy your day!!


With Love Always,





14 responses

  1. Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday…but adding a belated Birthday wish to you dear Dorothy..you have helped me to change my life for the better and for that I will be forever grateful…Blessings to you in the coming year and may you progress beautifully in your life journey……hugs((((((((Dorothy))))))))


    • Thank you Karen! The day was sweet, full of love expressed and appreciated on all fronts. I envision an awesome year to come so your lovely words sent my way are most welcome and auspicious! The last year has been eye opening and full of love and wisdom (re)learned, and it can only get better. 🙂 Going backwards is so not an option!


  2. Oh my! Kind of a shock to come in here and see my name in capital letters! Double take! LOL! Thanks MF. That is such a sweet,touching poem, one I will be rereading in times of uncertainty about my path. Thank you for saying this. It means a lot to me that you took the time to write one for me. It’s definitely the opposite of the feeling of being “unseen”.
    You should be writing poetry for a living!
    Love and hugs,


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