Watch out for those pot holes…they’re deep!

In keeping with my dream theme lately, I seem to be having these busy, crazy dreams every night.  I wake with a scene full of people and activities in my head and when I try to focus on one thing, the rest fades away.  So I don’t retain much.  But something always sticks with me.

Last night’s dream:

 I was leaving a building walking through a parking lot towards my car.  As I walked across a two lane roadway, I noticed a hole in the center of the road and people walking towards it.  One person stopped, bent over, peered in, and suddenly it was as though they were sucked into the hole, head first!  Not fell, but pulled into the hole like a vacuum.  Oh my.  I steered clear of it, knowing I didn’t want that to happen to me.  A second person was sucked into another hole as I watched.  It was really disturbing and strange.  People disappearing into holes in the ground!  Where did they go and why was this happening?  

So I ended up back inside, sitting at a table talking with friends and I notice a crowd of people being led past our table.  I knew it was the ones who had been sucked into the holes.  And it was though they had no choice but to go with the people escorting them out somewhere.  One of the group stopped, visibly upset, and spoke to me across the room from about six feet away.  She spoke my name and said plaintively, “They won’t let me say goodbye to my little girl.”  I told her I loved her and went and gave her a hug.  I knew I wasn’t able to help her but I felt compassion for her.  Then they were urged on their way. 

This is how all my dreams are right now!  Full of symbolism and stories I never before dreamt.  The old dreams I used to have had completely different things going on in them.  Now they star people being sucked into holes like a vacuum sucks up dirt….sheesh, my dream life gets stranger all the time!   🙂


2 responses

  1. OMG, I had a similar dream last night. I dreamt this girl fell off a cliff, and then I was on the same edge but having to hold onto something so I wouldn’t fall off the edge…or was that another girl? Oh, if I were trying to write this comment 12 hours ago I might remember the dream better. The point is, it was this high cliff and people were just gonna fall off into oblivion.


    • Hahaha Cheryl. Wish I could remember dreams in full detail, they certainly are full of juicy bits. And yup. People, often our past selves, are being moved out of our lives, out of our spheres, in many different ways, off cliffs, in holes, led out, cleared, resolved. Leaving us clear space to move on. In any case, we don’t live in the “same” world anymore, do we? My take on it, anyhow.


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