What’s Your Power Animal for 2013?

A New Year’s Greeting from Carrie & Quado

January 1, 2013

This is the year to own your power, to recognize what is within you and to let it shine out.  This is the year to let your unique talents shine in everything you do, to let us see who you are, the raw wonder of you.

For when you shine out with who you truly are, you act as a mirror, so that everyone around you sees a reflection of their own glorious light.  Show us who you are, so that we may all see our magnificence.

A Message from the Peacock:

Being beautiful is as simple as knowing who you are and choosing to let the world see.

* * *

Remember to get your primary Power Animal for 2013 on www.pow33.com (Power Animals Unleashed).  Then come back often to power up for the major events and relationships in your life.


This message came in my mail today and it reminded me of this post from a year ago.  I had totally forgotten about it.  And isn’t it exactly perfect?  Over the past year it has been my goal to allow the world to see the real me, but I had forgotten about the Power Animal that had come up for me last year at this exact time.  A beautiful Peacock had a message for me.  I even had a peacock image up as a header here for quite awhile.  I remember being a bit doubtful that this would ever happen, me letting others see the real me seeing as I really dislike being stared at or in the spotlight.  But Peacock was truly perfect for my journey in 2012!  Of course, I still have no desire to be in the middle of the spotlight but I am way more comfortable shining out who I am than I ever used to be.  Wow.  Now I want to go see what comes up for this year!  Thanks for the reminder, Carrie.


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