Snow Days

xmas2012 003

Looking out my door across the street to the left

xmas2012 005

Looking right

xmas2012 004

To the right into my driveway and up the hill.

We didn’t shovel much at all last year and probably once the year before.  This all came down in half a day yesterday.  Made for treacherous driving, but today they have the roads cleared and it’s quite pretty.  Very cold though and it took an hour to unbury the vehicles and clear out enough to drive.  I had to dig out the long forgotten snowpants, boots and wool socks and gloves.    It was nice getting out in the fresh air though, invigorating!  It does not look like as much snow out there as there is, but it’s deep and heavy.  Makes me wish for a couple of kids to go sledding with!  The grands are with their father for the week though.  Kaia would be loving making snowmen with me and sliding downhill.   My work day got cancelled this morning so I stayed home and shovelled and cleaned instead.


2 responses

  1. Beautiful photos. Loving reading your blog! It certainly was a transformational year, even from the retreat when we met! Your heart sings on a regular basis. Nice!


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