White Christmas

It’s snowing.  Hard.  Very pretty out there.

(I am appreciating being inside and warm and cozy!)

We woke to a white Christmas this year.  It has been several since we have seen that happen.  And it’s snowing  bigtime today, we have over 10 inches out there and it’s still falling.  I ran into the storm as I drove back to the office, starting about 3:20 and it took me a lot longer driving back than it did to get to the place.  The roads were treacherous and I saw two accidents right away due to excessive speed.  People forget how to drive in this stuff during the first snowfall!

My trips are off for tomorrow and I may just work a half day, I do have some paperwork to catch up on.

Christmas was nice for our family.  Spent it with my grown kids and the grandkids, as well as had my son’s friends over for dinner when their plans fell through.  We actually had breakfast with my daughter, then in the afternoon took most of dinner over to my son’s house.  Neither one of my kids enjoys my cats, rather they don’t enjoy the itchy eyes and runny noses they end up when they come here, so I have used that to get out of having Christmas dinner at my house lol.  That way I don’t have to clean the house nor do much set up, nor clean up after the meals.  Ha!  They think I am doing it for them…..  😉

Later we visited my in-laws and that was nice, too.  It was just us and them and not the whole large, extended  clan, which I much prefer.  They are 76 and 80 (I think) and still as active and quick minded as ever.  Hard to believe they are as old as they are, to me they are forever my current age – at the time, I thought that was soooo old lol.  (I, of course, am still in my 30’s, don’t ya know?)

My kids went in together and got three tickets to a Broadway show for us: one for me, one for my daughter and one for my granddaughter.  This is something my daughter and I love doing together and have done a few times, this time we get to introduce Kaia to a real live production.  Fun!  We get to do this next month in conjunction with my birthday.  Unless it snows lol.  I am not driving 5 hours to NYC in bad weather!  I am including this unexpected gift in my “travel desires fulfilled” category.  I am so blessed.

I hope everyone is feeling the peace I feel in this season.  I don’t know if it’s the current newness of the energy, the changing of the guard, so to speak, or my personal growth, but likely, it’s all things combined that brought on this full heart I walk around feeling.  A full heart that I have had since our trip to Panama.  And when I feel a bit drained, all I have to do is pull up Gustavo’s smile, the sounds of the ocean waves, the beautiful city and country of Panama, the kindness of strangers, and I am filled back up again.



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