Season’s Greetings!!!!

Today has been one of the nicest Christmas days for myself and my family in recent memory… Most of the family was present for lunch at “Maw-Maw’s(my step-mother), and this year most of my nieces and nephews have babies of their own which added a nice touch. Nothing quite like the smile of a happy baby or the sweet voice of a 2 year old singing songs to put things in perspective.

My baby girl is 21 now, she lives about 3 hours from me and is attending college, working, and learning her way down the highway of life. As she and her boyfriend were on the way to our house on the 23rd, I called and asked her to pick up a couple of things I needed from the grocery store. They pulled into an Ingles supermarket, and immediately spotted a puppy about 4-5 months old. He was wet, alone, and afraid. My daughter is an animal lover(just like her mom, lol). Soo, she stopped to say hello to the puppy, and with just a little coaxing, he came to her. In the meantime, she asked her boyfriend to run in the store and pick up the items I needed. Somewhere in the store he ran into an employee, and began to ask about the puppy in the parking lot. Apparently, about 4 months ago, a man threw this poor little guy from his truck window, his front and back legs were broken, and he was left to die. Some fast thinker & good hearted person on the road saw what happened and called in the truck driver’s tag number. No word as to whether he’s been located yet. The puppy made it to the grocery store. The employees and the customers have been feeding and caring for the little guy ever since. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t allow anybody to touch him until my daughter happened on his path. When my daughter and her boyfriend heard the story, they decided they couldn’t leave him behind. So, we had a new little puppy to care for over the past few days. Such a cute little guy, freckle faced, and looks like a beagle/retriever mix. He absolutely adores my daughter and looks at her as though she’s his Angel for sure.

Whew,… puppies with a story such as his(We named him “Tugboat” or “Tug”), smiling babies, and a beautiful red headed 2 year old singing like an Angel, a wonderful meal with family, simple gifts, all made for a real live Hallmark day. It was awesome and brought much joy to all who could be there. I am very thankful.

Here’s hoping each of you enjoyed a most joyous and special time of your own. May your hearts and lives be filled with the peace and love of this season each and every day.

With Love,

P.S. A little more about “Tug”. His broken bones have healed; although you can tell they didn’t mend properly. Those injuries haven’t slowed his growth through the simple kindness of others. He’s very strong and agile in spite of his rough beginnings. 🙂


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