Life Is Good

I’m wearing long johns….   😥        

Not in the least bit thrilled with this snow falling either!   5 days ago was wearing shorts and t shirts and sweating in 90 degree heat.  Sigh.  The contrast is a bit hard to accept lol.  Ready to go back!!

On the plus side, I have been seeing 11:11 constantly since my flight home Sunday, which had 1111 as the number.  And 12-21-12 is tomorrow.  My dreams have been so vivid this week, am enjoying every one of them.  My niece, who has had such a rough 5 years since the death of her father, my brother, had a wonderful dream this past week as well.  She has felt the load of her family’s health and well-being on her own shoulders without her dad around, and it has taken a toll on her own health, physically and emotionally.  She received the most amazing message in her dream from what I believe are her guides, telling her that the load she is carrying can be put down, that all is well, will be well, and she is not to carry it anymore.  And she felt it being taken from her.  She woke up and immediately wrote it down so she wouldn’t forget the words.  I could tell the difference in her tone of voice when she told me about the dream and the message, she is calm and no longer frantic.  I am so happy for her.  She listened, finally.  I suspect she will get more messages now that the channel is open.

Life is good, as my brother often reminded us by wearing a hat that had that phrase written on it during his two-year walk with cancer.  Even then, he knew that.  Life is good.  And grand.  And interesting.  And fun.  And fascinating.  And always valuable, as well as ever-changing.  Let’s see what the next phase brings our way.  Happy December 21st everyone. 

Through the portal, new vistas ahead




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