Pictures from Panama…

Panama Dec 2012 020

This is the canopy of foliage that surrounded us as we walked through the rainforest….

Panama Dec 2012 019

One of the beautiful examples of the lushness of the trees…Mother Nature put on a spectacular show on the path we chose to take.

Panama Dec 2012 025

Our walking path through the humid but lovely surroundings…

Panama Dec 2012 052

Fort Santiago

Panama Dec 2012 056

Another view of Fort Santiago

Panama Dec 2012 066

Our ferry ride to Isla Grande

Panama Dec 2012 076

The beautiful turquoise, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea found on Isla Grande.

Panama Dec 2012 075

Our driver and very dear new friend, Gustavo…

Panama Dec 2012 180

Leaving Panama City aboard the Calypso for our hour long journey to the Island of Taboga…even the Pacific waters are a beautiful deep turquoise blue and clear along the beach.

Panama Dec 2012 189

The quaint and charming village of Taboga, a fishing community.

Panama Dec 2012 190

The sand bar on Taboga that is completely covered in the afternoons by the Pacific waters when the tides come in…

Panama Dec 2012 096

Dorothy and I in the village of El Valle de Anton, a 2 mile wide crater valley and the 2nd largest crater in the world, formed 5 million years ago when the volcano blew it’s top…

Panama Dec 2012 114

The thermal pools in El Valle that are said to hold healing waters. We found the water very relaxing, lol!

Panama Dec 2012 115

Most who visit the healing springs of El Valle, also opt to take advantage of the mud that is there and that which also holds healing.

Panama Dec 2012 120

My friend, Gustavo and I. Lisa Gawlas told me prior to leaving that I would meet this wonderful man and that he carried a message for me inside his heart. She was so right on!

Panama Dec 2012 138

The sun setting over the mountains surrounding El Valle…

Panama Dec 2012 228

Sunrise over the canal on our way to the airport the morning we departed.

These are a few of my favorite pictures from our adventure in Panama. I hope you will enjoy seeing them in this format as I give you a pictorial tour of some of the wonderful places we visited. I left the country with a feeling of fullness in my heart(kinda like the fullness you feel when you hold your baby or someone you love deeply for the first time). The whole experience was life altering for me. I feel like the caterpillar who has just climbed from his cocoon transformed into the beautiful butterfly, and that, my friends, is an awesome feeling!

With Peace and Love,


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