If Today Was An Example…

…I’m gonna get fired for being in irresponsible la-la land.  This morning I was ten minutes late for my first pick up of the day in a town 30 minutes from here, then she was late coming out, making me even later for the second pick up in the same town.  I was to bring both of them back to my office building here.  Turns out, I couldn’t find the address for the second pick up, never having been to it before and mistakenly thinking it was easy to find.  Of course, it was not.  Sigh.  So, I was 20 minutes late dropping two people off at their respective appointments.

Not a good start to my day.

The next pick up went well and the client had an early drop off.

However, the last pick up didn’t go well either.  I was on the street named on the address ten minutes early.  I thought, oh good, I will have plenty of time and we will be early!  Not so much.  I was on the wrong Water Street.  Who knew there were three of them in such a small area?  I didn’t!  By the time I realised I could not find this address either, I was seriously behind, again, and ended up twenty minutes late getting the client to their destination, for the second time that day.

When I was in Panama, time was not really an issue, I was so relaxed the whole time.  Mostly we took things as they came.  Holy cow, here it is a different story, and today totally blew me away!  I just could not fathom how fast time got away from me.  One minute I was early, the next time I check, I’m really late.

Not sure how all this time stuff is going to work going forward!!  It has been getting more and more difficult for me to stay on top of schedules, and that is my job!



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