More photos of Panama

Look at the traffic, it is crazy, horns blowing, cars going every which way, turning in front of everyone else.  There would be lots of fender benders in my neck of the woods if people drove like this and I have seen none!

Panama5 001

  View of Panama City, Panama from the 5th floor of the hospital

On the ferry leaving Panama City

On the ferry leaving Panama City

View from Taboga Island from the deck of our friend's home on the water.

View from Taboga Island from the deck of our friend’s home on the water.

Tide rolling in two hours later, storm in the distance heading our way.

Tide rolling in two hours later, storm in the distance heading our way.





Panama5 016

Heading back into PC on the ferry at the end of the day through very choppy waters.

We had such a lovely day on Taboga Thursday, found a kindred soul in our hostess, relaxed, chatted, found some treasures on the beach, watched the day unfold from her deck.  When we were leaving to walk to the ferry, it began to rain.  Okay, rain is a mild word for the deluge that came down.  It was warm though.  We trotted the ten minutes to the ferry, hauling our bags and umbrellas and getting quite wet in the process.  The ferry was bouncing up and down in the choppy waters and just getting down the ramp was tricky lol.  It felt like I was drunk as the dock moved up and down under my feet, and my eyes had a hard time keeping me upright with the moving horizon.  When the ferry headed out, the storm was going full force, a veritable dark and stormy night, and with a boat full of people, there was little room to move around.  Which made it difficult for any of us to find a place out of the wind and rain blowing sideways inside through the open doors and window frames.  We all had towels out covering ourselves or our seats.  Then as I sat there, I began to get leaked on through a hole in the ceiling right over my head.  Ahhhhh.  My butt ended up soaked when the water dripped on the seat behind me, which soaked our towel, then my pants.  Really, I didn’t pee my pants, but I had moments of, wow, can you imagine how it felt to do this trip in this weather without the motors or gauges that they have now….   An older indigenous woman sitting across from us had her rosary beads out during the storm, praying.  Personally, I felt safe, but not comfortable.   I watched the little baby about 8 months old sitting near us with big, wide, scared eyes.  He looked terrified, his mom and day were very good with him.  He was so cute with his big blue eyes and on the way over that morning, he was all smiles and giggle and interacting with us.  I just wanted to give him a kiss and hug while we were bouncing over the waters on the way back.  Eventually we moved out of the storm and we relaxed again.  It was a lovely day and we were very glad we went.  Today is more doctor stuff and we leave tomorrow morning to head home.  One last night left here in Panama.


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