Beach Day

Panama 3 010 Isla Grande

Panama 3 011



Gustavo, our personal taxi driver…sweet as he looks!

Panama 3 006


Panama 3 014

Panama 3 002

Panama 3 003Mary Frances at the ruins of a Fort.

We got burned so easy that day.  I moved out of the sun into the shade really early and still got fried on my legs and feet and back, I put sunscreen on my face just to keep the spots at bay and that was successful.  MF got fried all over but is really tanned to start with so she is brown today.  My burn is still touchy when I hit the sunshine.  But…it was well worth it!  There were few people there, lunch was delicious and the beach and view gorgeous, the water clear and salty and warm.  You can just stretch out and float like you are a blown up toy.  Couldn’t believe I was on a warm beach with a bathing suit in December.  I left snow at home, you know.

Yesterday we did very little, shopped a bit, explored some new neighborhoods, found some new friends who have moved from Atlanta to here and got some recommendations and an invitation to their home on Tabago Island off the coast of Panama.  We may go there next Thursday.  I hope so!!  Today MF had an appointment with the doc for her upcoming procedures and after that we also, again, did very little.  It was great lol.  People are so nice here, I am just so in love with the kindness and patience and love inherent in these people.  They may not understand us nor we them, but they try and are never impatient with us.  The business communities are booming so there are many opportunities for anyone who wants to put some effort into an enterprise.  Apparently there is a large “ex-pat” community here consisting of business owners/retirees who relocate to Panama.  I completely understand why people move here, if only for the lovely people!

Love you all.

Til next time.

Dorothy and Mary Frances


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