Rainforest in the middle of the city

Actually it is called Parque Natural Metropolitano and we hiked one path today for an hour.  Hot, humid and oh, did I say, hot and humid?  Whew <wiping sweat from our brows, necks, arms, rolling pants up and panting> sticky melty hot!  Uphill for the first half, we walked, or should I say staggered, resting frequently since we are both out of shape and a bit asthmatic until we got to the midpoint where we could see the city between the foliage.  We stopped to “take pictures”.  The view was gorgeous.  Beyond the city is the Pacific with ships passing by in the background.

Panama2 003Panama2 002

Panama2 006 Panama2 012










MaryFrancis saw a toucan but I never was able to pick him out and we didn’t get any pictures.  We saw a lovely bright orange toad on the path, heard lots of birds singing beautifully and on the way out at the end the hike while passing a large pond, we saw many, many turtles sunning or swimming.  When we stopped to stare at them, they all began swimming towards us, probably hoping for a handout (which we did not have).


Panama2 014

Panama2 017







And then MF spotted something on the far bank as we were staring at all the turtles piled on top of each other……

Forgive my photos, I don’t have my daughter’s talents and I was so hot and tired, I was not very steady.  It’s not because I was shaking with fear of the cayman? croc? whatever lol.  He was as still as if he was dead and I did wonder if he was a statue.  Thankfully he was way across the pond hehehe.

We left the parque, came home and relaxed before dinner.  This is the rainy season here in Panama and intermittantly it pours down really hard and it did that while we were “home”.  We need to go purchase an umbrella because we keep getting caught in rainshowers!

We are taking taxis everywhere unless we can walk it and have an idea where we are going.  Some drivers are honest and some take advantage.  We have been lucky until this evening when we went to dinner.  Traffic was crazy, we had no clue where the restaurant was so we hailed a taxi while we walked.  He dropped us off and said 10 dollars.  What??  Crazy, it wasn’t that far or that long of a drive.  We questioned him several times, he was adamant.  I knew that was robbery but we paid anyhow.  After our lovely dinner, I noticed the landmark building by which we mark where our place so we decided to walk until we found it, keeping that building in site.  Well, turns out, it was about 6 blocks away and two left turns, and we walked it in ten minutes.  Sheesh.  Rip off.  Oh well.  We will stick to the honest cabbies that have been recommended to us, I guess.

So tomorrow is beach day.  Looking forward to it.  Yay!!!



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