Good Day, Panama!

We are here, safe and sound.  Both flights were great, smooth, and even on time, if not a bit early.  Mary and I both were scrambling to catch the Atlanta flight to Panama though.  My schedule only allowed 45 minutes between flights and when I landed, they were already boarding my next flight.  Since the gates were a lo-o-o-ng distance apart in different wings (one was national and the other international), I literally race-walked through the airport.  When I got there, I expected to find Mary in her seat already….nope.  She showed up about five minutes after me (and I was late lol!).  Turns out she had been given the wrong gate three hours earlier, had sat near that particular gate the whole time, and when she went to board, found out that that gate was for Colorado, not Panama!  Panic mode set in since they were boarding already, so she found out where she was supposed to go and ran over to the next concourse to find the real gate. 

We made it, yay!  The plane was nice sized, smooth flying with nice flight attendants, and we had a great landing.  Our seat mate, however, had a bad cold and spent the trip coughing and hacking and blowing great masses of ick into tissues and then stuffing them into the seat pocket in front of him.  Euuwww.  He would start coughing and I would lean into Mary lol.   I hope they detoxed that seat area lol.  I had to ask somebody some questions since I didn’t understand some of the paperwork they handed us to fill out, never having done it before, and he seemed to know.  When I asked him, he was rather arrogant, lol.  I didn’t know what the abbreviations were for the passport classifications, turns out what we have are ORD – ordinary-  I laughed and said ok I guess we’re ordinary and he said, I could have told you that…..umm okay.  Whatever lol, Mr. Ickytissuestufferman. 

We deplaned, went through customs, twice it seemed, found the baggage claim, nearly got mown over two different times by a tall, get-out-of-my-way older guy who was completely oblivious to anyone else.  Everyone speaks Spanish sthere o we didn’t really understand each other when we spoke to the locals at the airport.  Thankfully the signs were both in English and Spanish so we knew where to go.  I was able to translate important words when they were not in English so hey, apparently not all my high school language lessons had completely left me.  Don’t ask me to speak it  beyond Gracias and a por favor and a few others though!  Mary says she definitely needs to study up for when she returns here for the next round of medical tests.

The lady who picked us up spent several years in the US so was very fluent in English and filled us in on lots of details.  I, however, was too tired to pay much attention so I hope Mary retained it!  The house is lovely, tucked in amongst tall buildings in the business district.  It’s like the city grew up around it.  The architecture is beautiful.  Our abode is in a bed and breakfast type place but we have a bedroom, sitting room and access to the rest of the large house.  Very nice.  This morning we went to a buffet breakfast at a tall, gorgeous hotel.  The food was plentiful, varied and tasty.  And the coffee was yum!!  Now we are waiting for the masseuse to show up that Mary arranged for today and I tell you, I could use one after yesterday!  Not to mention sleeping in a strange bed!

There are lots of places to walk to around here but while walking, all the taxis drive by, slow down and toot at you, asking if you want a ride.  Ha!  They don’t do that in NYC!  You gotta practically jump up and down to get one to stop lol.

I think today is just going to be a day of rest so not much else to tell but I’ll keep you informed.  I did hear last night that we are past the whale watching season, they are gone now so we won’t be able to do that.   😦   Bummer.  I will get to do one of those at some point though!

Hasta mañana!



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