Out of the mouths of kids

Just had the funniest conversation with my daughter and granddaughter as they were leaving my house.  My daughter was saying she is “pms”ing this week, was feeling testy and threw a bit of a fit today.  I chuckled and said, “Oh?  Now we know where Kaia got that temper from, is that what you’re saying?  In a little while there are going to be two of you in the house doing that stuff, not a good example!”  We were giggling about how much fun it is sometimes to be a woman and I looked at Kaia and asked, do you know what we are talking about?  (I am bugging mom to let her in on the ‘becoming a grown woman’ facts, think she wants me to do it and I feel mom should be responsible this time.  🙂  )

Kaia sighed and exclaimed, “Yeah, I have to get a job and finish college!”




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