Ascension Symptoms

As I was going about my business Thursday cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for the family, I found myself a bit confused.  I stood in the kitchen and absolutely could not remember how I did certain things in the past.  I actually completely forgot that I did some of them at all and others, I knew it traditional, but I just could not retrieve the memory of how so I had to go look it up.  I even forgot to get out a particular plate or dish for serving that I like to use on holidays and it only occurred to me after the fact. 

I would stand in my kitchen, thinking, how exactly did I do this last year or in years past?  I can’t remember the steps or the ingredients!  So, off to the cookbooks I would go.  As soon as I saw the page or the dish, the memory would be there.  Or someone would remind me.  Then a lightbulb would go on.  And in one case, I completely forgot a promise I had made only three weeks earlier to make a dish for my son on Thanksgiving.  Ooh, bad momma.  Of course, my son delighted in reminding me lol. 

I swear it’s like things are brand new to me all the time!  Nothing’s familiar.  It is just the weirdest feeling.  And it took me a bit to figure out why this is happening.  Ascension! 

Here’s a list of things that have changed for me over the years……

~Memory stuff: Sometimes a memory disconnect happens when I am driving.  I’m driving along and I blank out for a bit.  Suddenly I wake up and wonder, where am I going?!  How do I get there?  What town am I in?  And it takes me a few frantic seconds to reconnect.  Oh yeah, I’m going there, I’m on the right road (or not!). 

Recently, I realised I really needed to change the sheets upstairs in the spare room.  I considered if I had extra sheets…I do, somewhere….don’t I?  Or is it time to buy new ones?  Ummm.  No.  Aha, here are the new ones I bought last year….sheesh.

Okay, now where the heck is my umbrella?  It’s raining.  I used to have one….somewhere……I think.

Bills, I never missed paying bills.  Lately, it’s an effort to keep track of them. 

No, I do not have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  I am just in a different space these days.  However, I can feel myself shift dimensions to access what I need.  Because obviously I am not in the right one to do what I am trying to do at the moment!  I laugh at myself a lot. 

~Food: One symptom that plagues me is an inability to eat what I used to eat in the amounts I used to eat (not a bad thing!), as well as the strange desire to eat more often!  Foods that I used to love don’t taste very good to me anymore either.  Then add bloating to that, yuck.  Bonus?  I have lost ten pounds in the last year.  I still have a little padding in my belly so clothes don’t that differently so I was shocked when I weighed myself recently to see that I am lighter somehow. 

~Pressure on my crown: A new and un-ignorable (did I make that up?) symptom that has popped up in the last six months is the increasingly consistent, intense energy raining down on my crown area.  The pressure weighs on my head from the top down to my ears like a helmet.  It literally feels like I have a weight on the top of my head all the time, and when I meditate, specific areas/chakras are intensely stimulated and a prickly sensation ensues which lasts quite a long time after.

~Are you speaking English?: Sometimes when people talk, it seems like they are speaking a foreign language.  I cannot fathom what they are saying.  I see their lips moving, hear the sound, but the meaning goes right over my head.  Reminds me a bit of the old Charlie Brown cartoons where you hear the grownups talking in muffled voices.  I tried to find a short clip but couldn’t so here is an example for those who don’t know what I am talking about….go to 18 min. to hear the grownup on the phone…

~Pass me the thesaurus: Another thing that happens a lot these days involves my own inability to find the right words.  Sometimes when I try to talk or write, words simply go away.  I know what I want to say, know what I mean, but the right feeling words just don’t make it to my tongue lol.  I am a word person so this can be disconcerting!  Thank heavens for dictionaries!  

~Unmotivated: I don’t want to…so I don’t.  LOL ‘Nuff said.

~Detachment: On a side note, often I feel like I am just an observer when people are talking around me. Watching things play out, not judging the scene and knowing there is no need for me to say a word is the space I’m inhabiting now.  They are all involved in their dramas, and I find myself not affected at all.  Odd, when I used to have an opinion about all of it.

~Responsibility: I am far less attached to people, pets, things and outcomes than I used to be. I love them but I don’t need them anymore. That’s a huge difference. No longer do I need them to fill the gaping wounds in me. I filled them myself (with spirit’s help). They may add joy to my life but don’t have to do the work for me.  I am responsible for my own happy.

~Owie owie: Strange aches and pains come and go.  I am so over it!  I swear my body keeps changing venues when it comes to where it hurts.  I can’t keep up lol.

~Vibrant hues: A delicious part of the ascension symptoms is that colors are so vivid and gorgeous to my eyes.  I find the sky mesmerizing all the time.  You really shouldn’t stare at the sky while driving….not terribly brilliant ever but especially not at this time of year with all the deer running around during hunting season.  Just seeing the sun shining through the clouds sending rays of light to the ground fascinates me. I see beautiful colors everywhere.  I love it!

~Relaxed: I am way more relaxed.  Accepting.  Peaceful.  Happier.  More willing to let things play out instead of being controlling.  I take pleasure in the small stuff.  And I get over my crap faster, when it comes up. 

~Tissue please: Finally, I find I am extremely weepy these days – happy, touched, sad, laughing, whatever the reason – I cry at the drop of a hat.  I rarely cried before and I am often surprised to feel tears slipping out.  A consequence of heart opening I’m sure.

Conclusion: It definitely takes some trial and error figuring out how to work through what is on our plates.  It takes awareness to live in this new energy.  Some parts can be annoying and irritating and those parts seem like they last far longer than you think they should, but we are changing.  It’s a fact.  And it’s a choice how we handle the changes.

Here is a link to an article I found that prompted this post.. The Ascension Flu


2 responses

  1. Good to know I am not the only standing in the kitchen confused! Hehehe love that, your spirit self not bring recipes with her. We must hold doctorates in this stuff by now lol. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a temple to go to be gently guided through all this? I have a feeling I was doing that in one lifetime…or more. I seem to want to be bringing women together to do something similar in this lifetime too.
    Panama…I am both excited and not….my family is not happy with me over it. Next Saturday is the day we fly away though! Warm weather here I come!


  2. Well said, Dorothy. I really resonate with all of this. standing there looking at a pan with confusion….. Sometimes I feel this other presence in my eyes deeply confused over what it is supposed to be doing. I take this as some aspect of spirit self descending. Doesn’t seem to have bought recipes with her….other times I feel old aspects of self leaving me as well. It’s not easy managing this process without the temples I’m told we are used to using for undertaking this sort of work is it. Apparently lightwork like this used to be a common skill for women supported by the temples of the divine feminine to learn and undertake. I’m sure those of us who are making this ascension happen hold many diplomas in this area already…lol

    I look forward to hearing about your trip to Panama, Sue (sisteroflight)


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