Balance and Being a Blessing

During my ongoing journey with this meditation of the heart, I am seeing new things each time.  The last time one of the things that stood out was the medallion I noticed previously on the floor.  It is in the center of the cavern and spans about five foot across.  In the middle of the medallion is a gently smiling Mother Mary seen only from the shoulders up.  Around the outside is a double frame and in that frame are shapes that I couldn’t quite make out.  Mother Mary followed me with her eyes and I sat down next to her, then laid down to look up at what she saw.  Holy cow, directly overhead was another medallion on the ceiling and it was Father Sun.  I knew that’s who it was due to the rays shooting out from his head like the sun’s rays.  Masculine, Feminine, smiling lovingly at each other, providing balance in my heart.  Reminding me to not let one run the show, that balance is necessary in all things.  I love it.  Thank you Mother Mary and Father Sun.

I used to think I made this stuff up, but geez those thoughts never crossed my mind when I started the meditation.  I never know where it’s going to lead me and this has definitely surprised me each time.

I “accidently” found this message from Mother Mary tonight.  I used to read her messages a lot and have kind of wandered away in the last couple of years as I followed different paths.  Apparently Mother Mary wanted to share this message with me and now I share it with you as well.

Mother Mary’s Message for The Possible Dream: Be A Blessing

Be A Blessing

“The Possible Dream–Creating a space for the newly ordained light: to live as a blessing”

The days of 2012 are drawing to a close and the portals of December’s down pouring of light are nearly here. I invite each of you to inventory what still remains of your disappointment and distrust and devaluing of your “success.” It is time to create a space for something new to arrive and fill you with this newly ordered and ordained light.

Discard what no longer serves you. Mourn if you must for what you feel you lost or did not achieve. Wash away regret and recrimination and blame. Bury what is past, burn what you would let go of in a ceremony of release and bless what you would keep that fills you with gratitude.

What must occur in order for you to truly be lifted into all that will arrive is to know that you are the perfection of a soul on a journey. It is time now to shed limitation and embrace the light that you are. Dissolve all anger and resentment and stand in the knowing that you are choosing to Be Blessed and to Be a Blessing.

The world may have judged you or your bank account or your job or your status in certain ways. You may have absorbed these false ideas as a truth about you. I have come to remind you of the one truth you must now truly absorb. This is what Jesus meant when he said “Know ye the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

You are a miracle of light and whatever you have achieved, whatever you have “failed” to achieve, nothing can rob you of your inheritance and your true lineage. You are the sons and daughters of light and it is time to allow all that has held you in the grip of judgment both your own and those of the world to be released and to recalibrate your light to the blessing you are.

As the New Year dawns, let it be a New Dawn for you and for all you hold dear. You have not failed. You have not disappointed us. Rededicate your self and your energy and your light to be a blessing. Know what is in your heart. Know what really matters and allow that to be the path you choose and what guides every decision you make.

Be a Blessing.

Be blessed my dear ones.

Be blessed for you can only offer what you have first received and embraced.

Feel it. Know it. Be it.

We are with you,

Blessed Mother Mary through Samarah ©2012, All Rights Reserved

Channel Mary


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