Meditation is an awesome experience…it proves to relax, balance, invigorate, and provide opportunities to learn more about yourself.  It stirs memories and visions; which therefore, encourage enlightenment.  I have found on my own journey that it works best when practiced regularly; although, even when we don’t afford ourselves this luxury on a daily basis, it is a practice that is ours for the taking at any time we decide to honor the privilege.

When I first stepped into the quest for spiritual growth and wisdom, I was blessed with many mentors.  I read, listened, and practiced faithfully; for I was intent on meeting one of my spirit guides.  As time went by, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to “see” anything at all.  I tried everything that was recommended to no avail.  Then, by chance I was reading a book that taught different exercises, some that weren’t familiar to me, and I decided to give the one that most intrigued me a try.  It involved a mirror with a circle either drawn or pasted at eye level on the mirror, and a candle placed in the lower left corner of the mirror, so that it’s reflection was also in my peripheral vision.  I was instructed to focus on the circle on the mirror without distraction and to put my intent out there….  Dorothy’s latest entry, titled “The Book of Me” brought back this memory, and so I have decided to share this as my first post here.

I sat there for what seemed forever; steadily staring at the circle on the mirror, quietly expressing my intent to meet one of my guides, focusing on my breath, and in my peripheral vision I could see that my candle was burning low.  Just as I was about to give up, she appeared right before my eyes, a gorgeous Egyptian woman.  I was ecstatic to the point of wanting to jump for joy, but my inner voice kept me calm enough to enjoy this vision totally and completely.  She was obviously a woman of some stature as she wore a jeweled head dress complete with a veil that covered her face, except for her beautiful doe shaped eyes.  I was entranced by the beauty of those eyes, and I wanted more, I wanted a message!  The intent was sent out, and then very slowly;  I could see by the lines that appeared at the corner of those eyes that she was smiling at me!  Yay, we were making progress!  She spoke not a word, but her eyes, the window to the soul, spoke volumes!  Her message was short and sweet, she was happy to have finally made my acquaintance.  Her message was simply, Well done my child, I encourage you to continue to seek the knowledge that you hold inside…  With that expressed to me, she began to fade from my sight.  Holy Moly!!!  I had done it!!!  When I finally climbed off the cloud I was floating on, I was in awe at what had just happened for me.  I was on my way, and as always, it happened at the perfect time….

I still use this same mirror/candle exercise from time to time, it never fails to help me.  As Dorothy stated in her latest entry, one of the greatest hurdles to cross is simply allowing and accepting what you see, hear, feel, or smell without doubting your gifts.

Till next time,



5 responses

  1. Hey, Congratulations on your new endeavour Peacelily! You have always been so good at elequently expressing your thoughts and feelings through the written word and I know this will be no exception. I enjoyed reading about your meditation. Happy to see you doing this and thanks for sharing. Big Hugs!


    • Debbie,
      I can’t begin to express my thanks to you Debbie! Through the years you have never failed in being a source of encouragement and inspiration to me. You, my friend are one of my mentors, and I thank you for the sharing of yourself, your time, your humor, and your wisdom with me.
      Your kind words, yet encourage me again…
      Many Thanks & Much Love Always,


  2. Oh wow congratulations on co writing with dorothy, I’m so happy for you both. It’s so lovely to see you again, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and looking forward to many more .
    love to you xx


      • Carolyn,
        Thanks so much for your kind words! It makes me happy to know you enjoyed my post!! 🙂 It is equally lovely to me to meet up with you again here!! Thanks for the encouragement, I look forward to sharing more of my tales in the upcoming days and weeks….
        Much Love To You,

        Hi there Sweet Sumr!
        So good to hear from you! Many thanks for the warm welcome, and yes, absolutely looking forward to our journey! I am anxious to share all about the wisdom and growth that is taking place all over our beautiful world at this time!
        Big Hugs To You,


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