The Book of Me

Revisiting the heart meditation of a couple of days ago, I was treated to a different vision this time.  It was late and I was tired so I don’t remember now all of what I saw.

When the light came on in my heart cave, I looked around and saw a comfy red couch lined up against one wall of the cave.  (I don’t own one, mine is brown.)  Like Goldilocks, I had to try it out so I went over and sat on it.   On the side table next to the couch was a big, fat book.  I picked up, surprised to see the title read The Story of You.  Wow, this is about me?  Cool!

So I opened the book and flipped randomly through the pages, wondering what I would see.  I realised it was a book of all my lives here on this planet, each chapter containing a lifetime.  The first page that caught my eye was a picture of me looking like someone from Egypt.  He, yes it was a he but I knew it was me, stood facing the viewer, holding a spear across his bare chest.  He wearing a longish wrap around, slightly diagonal skirt and a small headpiece across his forehead.  I knew he was a warrior or guard.  I asked who he was and was told he was a young man who died in service to his household.  He had gone into warrior/guard service at age 15 and was around 20 when he died.  Interesting, I had never thought much about Egypt before.  Other than random interesting facts, it wasn’t a place I related to before.

Bemused, I continued to flip through the pages.  The book was thick, how cool that I actually lived all this, I thought.  Wish I could remember them!  I went back to the beginning of the book, wondering how I got here and was shown a streak coming in from the sky, from the Pleiades actually.  Ha, I have always felt a connection to that system and I can remember laying on the grass staring at the night skies all throughout my childhood, picking out the Pleiades, aka The Seven Sisters.  My family is from the Pleiades.  Love it !

I put the book down, looked up and in front of me were three beings that I knew were guides.  Tall and thin, they stood there looking at me.  I asked, are you from the Pleiades?  No words, no mouths, no features that I could make out, but I heard yes.  Is this why you are here as my guides, you are my family?  Yes.  They moved forward and one placed fingertips on my forehead and back of my head, the others on my heart and back.  I felt loved as the energy moved through me.

Unfortunately (or not), I then fell asleep!  I look forward to going back there again and seeing where it goes next time.  It has taken me years and much encouragement to allow and accept what I see without doubting myself.  It makes meditations way more fun, that’s for sure.


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  1. Thanks dorothy for sharing your meditations I too have had an amazing meditation, I no longer see just a glimpse of small light as I used too, now I see light beings I can only name as my spiritual family.I don’t know more than that at this stage. it’s truly beautiful to think that they are but a thought away and the connection is stronger than I ever thought possible.
    love to you xx


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