Panama is obviously on my mind a lot right now.  It’s now three weeks away that we leave for Panama City.  I am in northern NY, top right of the county.  My friend is in the south, one state north of Florida in Georgia, so I will fly to her and then we will travel the rest of the way together.
I have been doing research (of course! or don’t you know me by now?) about the country and what we could be doing when we get there.  We have left it pretty open ended and have only decided on beach days and a whale watching excursion.  Sightseeing the area, whether on our own or a tour, will be happening.  Oh, and certainly there will be shopping, hopefully at some lovely bazaars to check out Panamanian wares to take home for ourselves and others.
English is spoken everywhere there so my 40 year old spanish classes will not be tested too strenuously lol.  I have been trying to refresh my memory of the language though.  I used to be quite good at foreign languages so I hope I can at least understand the gist of things when something is not in english.

This would drive our menfolk nuts, not to have a plan in place for when we go, not to know exactly what we are doing every day or how we will be doing it.  Well, we are staying in an apartment my friend has rented for two weeks and have transportation arranged.  The appointments for her medical procedures are in place.  That much is set.  But the guys get antsy and impatient at not having plans made and tend to make vacation trips unpleasant after a couple of days, so we girls are looking forward to just doing what comes our way and exploring a different culture.  We will look around and see what comes to our attention and do what attracts us at that moment.  The contacts have told us how friendly and helpful the people are so I have no worries at all about the trip.  Well, truthfully I might be white knuckling it over the ocean for a bit since I have never flown overseas, but there’s a first for everything, and I know we’ll be fine.  (We got airplane seats next to each other though just so we can hold hands for support.  😛 )

Taking things one step at a time.  Stepping out of my comfort zone.  Exploration without worries.  That’s freedom in the new energy.   The old me never would have done this or my trip to the West coast alone.  New me is excited for these opportunities!  And this one lets me do it with a companion, yay!!  It was what I asked for on my list of things I wanted to do last year.  Dreams are coming true.


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