Election Day

I have the entire day off from work today, paid, just so I can vote.  Yup, it will take the whole day to do that!  LOL.  My daughter and I, and my son, I believe, are among the few in this family who are on the same page.  Political discussions in every venue were stayed out of on my part as I am not vocal and don’t care to get into it with people, especially family.  I also recently noticed that two of the four of my coworkers are completely opposite of how I feel.  Again, I stayed out of it, I have to work with these people!  Their beliefs, their thoughts are theirs, and I am not going to convince anyone, nor do I care to try.  I smile, and focus on what feels good and right to me, not their arguments and efforts to influence me.

Last night, as I watched two of my favorite shows on tv, I noticed that the commercials were not filled with finger pointing, offensive, and bitter political ads like usual on the night before an election.  Amazing.

I have put out the intention to wake up tomorrow to the candidates that have our country’s, our world’s, best interests at heart.  After voting, it’s the best I can do right now.  And if the results are not what I dream of, then I will surround the next president and elected officials with love as well, and pray that they may act from their hearts, not from power, programming and monetary motives.

Off I go, to cast my vote and to enjoy the rest of my day.  Plus, 🙂  the sun is shining!  First time in days!!


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