Random Bits

Funny story.  Every day something occurs that lets me know how tuned in I am getting and it’s quite fun!  I laugh a lot at the experiences.

Yesterday I decided to stop in at the mall and check out the clearance racks in a big store just to see if there was something that I would like to have for my trip.  I have been doing so much purging and what’s left is, well….meh.  LOL  So I went to browse.

I rarely see anyone I know there since it is quite a distance from home and I was enjoying my own time to myself.

As I was looking through a third rack of clothing, I began thinking, gee Kaia should be here with her 17 year old cousin Lydia, shopping.  These are great deals and according to Kaia, “Lydia changed my life.” (said with big eyes and a sigh) when she took her shopping last year while Lydia was babysitting her.  They would love this!  Lydia could be changing her life some more! Hahaha, I chuckled to myself and turned around.

And who walks up to me saying hi?  My jaw dropped.  My sister-in-law and Lydia!!

I started laughing.


Remember I told you about my coworker who has been so distant and strange for two months?  I did a lot of internal work with myself on this situation instead of my usual, I-can’t-stand-this-I’ll-go-confront-him-and-find-out-what-the-heck-is-going-on mode, which doesn’t always work out in my favor.

My coworker had loosened up about a week or so ago but it was still weird, not our normal interactions.  Even the other transporters noticed it because he was distant with them, too.  I really wondered if something was going on elsewhere and didn’t take it personally and just let it go.  As Eloheim recommends, I didn’t take on his stuff.  I was just my usual self around him and did more meditation work on the relationship between us, ho’oponopono type of work.

This past week, my coworker was back to his normal, giggly, funny self with me, with all of us, sitting next to me and talking, sharing information.  It has been two months since that has happened!  At first, I was rather disbelieving that it was happening, I kept waiting for him to revert, for the other shoe to drop so to speak lol.  Then I just smiled and went with the flow, saying a grateful thank you to the Universe!

Not sure what changed besides me, but I am ever so thankful it has resolved.


After I talked to my husband about this trip, it took him three days to process the news and he was not fun to be around, all grouchy and short tempered.  Then all of a sudden, he was fine with it.  He still wishes I would not go and doesn’t understand why I want to go or why she doesn’t have anyone else to go, but he accepts it.  And is back to being affectionate and pleasant to me.  His old mode was to punish me for weeks.

So, who is growing here?  Just me or both of us?  Both, I believe.  He is following my lead and I can see it.  I stood in my own power and didn’t let him tear me down or make me feel bad or guilty about wanting to go.  He had to respond differently to my different expression of self.  It’s wonderful.


My niece’s family in NJ still has no power.  I will be talking to her on the phone today to see what I can do or how I can help her.


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