Odds and Ends and Lazy Day Feelings

Good morning!  I have been feeling a bit withdrawn into myself this week and haven’t been posting much.  So I’m here to catch y’all up this morning.

My passport arrived after only two weeks!  Must be because I am a government employee and have already been checked out thoroughly.  I made plane reservations this week after I got the passport, husband has been told, and the last thing to do is visit the doctor, which I have been putting off.  I rarely go unless I am really sick.  Almost ready to visit Panama!  I get more excited as the days pass.

We had our house appraised yesterday to get the home equity loan for the apartment house we are purchasing so we have been clearing and cleaning around here and my husband actually did some work on the place that has been left undone for 15 years.  Bonus!  The house right now is as clean and uncluttered and as good as it could look, so much so that it makes me want to have company!  Come visit me!  LOL!  Quick, before it gets messy again!  😀

I don’t have to clean today since I have spent all this week doing that in preparation for the appraisal.  It’s weird to look around here and have nothing to do.  Do have to run to the grocery store though and might check out some sales, I really could use a new suitcase for all the travel I am wanting to do.  🙂  

I am so grateful we escaped the storm’s nasty effects up here.  But now it is getting much colder compared to what it was.  It jumpstarted winter, I think.  I hope those who don’t have heat or power or food get all before the temps drop even more.

I have had two weeks off, it felt like.  Kaia was home with her mom while she was off from work.  I didn’t run a kid anywhere for two weeks.  Didn’t have to remember to pick up or take someone somewhere or to feed them.  It was so nice!!  Monday it’s back to the rat race.  Soon, I hope this child of mine finds a job close by so I can be gramma, not mom.

Another cloudy, chilly day out there that just makes me feel lazy and I want to sit cuddled up on the couch with a blanket.  I like sunshine!  Sunday we roll back to daylight savings time.  I really wish they would leave it alone.  I have such a hard time with the time change in the winter.  It does not fit my internal clock at all.  

So, have a great Saturday everyone.  Sending out hugs and love to everyone, especially Lisa.  ❤   



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