Storm talk

Just spoke to my niece in NJ, an hour from the coast and Atlantic City.  She said this was so much worse than last year’s storm, she was terrified.  Damage: shed blown away with all the stuff inside, half the garage roof gone, window trims blown off and water inside the house, three trees down and one in the road tangled up with live wires.  And they had it easy compared to some.  Three houses down, their power was out.

We are still fine, rained most of the day here, windy but not bad.  Storm is predicted to make its way north where it will mix with the Great Lakes and likely leave snow there, but hopefully not like the amounts left in MD and WV.  They have many feet of snow!  I hope the forecast is wrong and that we don’t get any snow at all.  The damage in NJ and NYC is mind boggling.  Whew.  Talk about a cleansing!

Sending love and healing to those in the path of the storm.


One response

  1. In synchronicity with the storm, I have been clearing a recent past life story around corruption lived in New York. Contributing to the cleansing I think. I know Celia Fenn and her lightworkers are in NY on 21/12/12 helping to anchor a new earth city grid.

    Glad to hear you are safe and well Dorothy


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