The 2012 Gateway Trajectory

Spiritual Metaphysics for the New Reality

The 2012 Gateway Trajectory

by Owen K Waters

2013 is almost here and it will bring a bright new dawn for everything  related to the New Reality. Instead of being beset by multiple expiring  cosmic cycles, we will become immersed in a new era where it becomes  very easy to create positive new projects.
I learned from my  primary guide – a senior member of the spiritual hierarchy who functions  as the Lord Protector of The Shift – about a principle called the 2012  Gateway Trajectory.
This principle states that the pattern of  consciousness that you have at the close of the cosmic cycles on  December 21st, 2012 will influence your trajectory through experience  for many thousands of years into the future.
The 2012 gateway is  rather like a vortex. You enter it from one side, pass through the eye  of the vortex where your pattern of consciousness is stamped or fixed  within your aura, then you exit the vortex into a whole new set of  multi-millennia cosmic cycles bearing that pattern.
As a  spiritual seeker, you are a lightworker and therefore a leading thinker  in the advancement of consciousness. You may have adopted one or more  challenges to work through in this life so that you could create a pattern in the mind belt to make it easier for others to follow and heal their own lives.
You’ve borne those challenges, not so much  because you need the experience, but because other people need pioneers  to resolve the issues that are important today. The more the pioneers  succeed in resolving their issues, the easier it becomes for the rest to  follow.
The point of knowing this is so that you may resolve  whatever challenges still face you before December 21st, 2012. As you  head towards the 2012 gateway, it’s time to take inventory and see where  you stand on matters of unfinished business.
Whatever gives you  discomfort – even so much as a nagging doubt that all is not right –  now is the time to address those issues. Anything that gives you a  feeling of being out of harmonious alignment of mind, body and soul  should be addressed and resolved.
Remember, you’re not the  challenge that you are facing. You adopted it as something to master in  order to make the way easier for others to follow the pattern you set in  the global mind atmosphere. The average lightworker has already  mastered those challenges in previous lives. They took the same  challenges upon themselves in these critical days because they knew they  could rise above and resolve those challenges in time to help set a  pattern for others to follow and set themselves free.
If you are  currently working through a major life challenge and feel as though  you’re going round in circles and getting nowhere, stop and look for the  gift in that challenge. The gift is that, by loving yourself and others  more, you can rise above the challenge and become more of who you  really are. Then, the experience changes from one of challenge to one of  self-empowerment.
The solution to a challenge in the material  world is typically not to be found in the material world at the level of  the problem. The answer is found when you rise above that frequency and  gain from the resources of the higher aspects of your mind. Fear-based  challenges, for example, are always resolved by connecting with the  strength and security of your inner being.
Real strength does  not lie anywhere in the outside world. It lies within you. Once you find  that inner power, you rise above any limitation and stand as a  self-realized way-shower in a world desperate for spiritual freedom.
We  can look forward to December 21st, 2012 as the gateway that marks the  close of many cosmic cycles and the end of the functionality of the old ways.
The  2012 gateway is the beginning of a world full of opportunities.  Positive action will come very easily when all the cycles begin anew and  are running in their constructive, ascending mode.
Most of all,  decide before then to make Spiritual Growth your number one priorityand you will harvest an ever-increasing joy in the years ahead.
Make  the 2012 gateway everything you want it to be. Make it a beautiful event opening into a wonderful future filled with joy and enlightenment!

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