Monster Storm

UPDATE: Tuesday the 30th.

My area of NY state is fine.  Lots and lots of hard rain came down, but it is paused for now.  It is still very, very windy but I have not been out to see what, if any damage, has occurred around here.  About 1,000 homes are without power in our county but it sure could be worse.  The last of the storm is supposed to come through this area tomorrow, but more to the west of me, towards Buffalo and Rochester, so we may see some other damage then.  For now, I get the day off since my bosses cancelled all travel today.  We totally could have been on the roads but who was to know for sure?  Schools and lots of public services and other businesses are all closed around here, too.

So today, I get a bonus day to do whatever.  I am grateful for the blessings of safety, heat, clean water, and power.  Thank you all for your prayers that were sent our way. 

Downstate and further south on the east coast is a mess of massive snowstorms, downed trees, power outages, flooding, property damage and loss of life.  And it’s not over yet.


Are you listening to the news reports about the coming storm on the east coast of the US?  I had heard of it but since I do not pay attention to the media’s overblown and always excitable stories, have not taken much notice of it.

I was informed that we will be without power and a giant snowstorm will happen as well, so we will be cold and hungry.  For at least a week, and probably more.

I am not feeling a sense of urgency myself.  I don’t live on the coast, which will take the brunt of the storm however hard it hits, I live about 5 hours east of it in upstate NY.  Over the last few years, not one storm has hit as hard as weather and newscasters project and we have been scarcely affected by them.  Yes, there have been power outages and flooding and many were affected for weeks in other parts of the state and the nation.  NYC and other cities, towns and villages along the coast definitely sound like they are going to bear the brunt of this storm, and that’s difficult since so many people live tightly packed together in a small area.

So maybe I’m just not taking it seriously.  Then again, taking stock of my life, I am confident that no matter what happens, I am not going to die from it.  I might be cold but we have access to plenty of food and water and cook with gas.  We have batteries and candles and blankets and long johns and extra clothing to wear.  And hey, bonus, I might get time off of work eh?!

I can’t spend my time freaking out because of what “might” happen.  That just draws worst case scenarios my way.  What we think, we create.  Everything begins with a thought.  So, my thoughts and prayers and intentions will be that the storm diminishes, stays off the coast and does minimal damage for all.  The last few did just that.  We shall see.

Send good thoughts our way, dear friends.


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    • Doing good, so far it’s just rain. No wind. Forecast is only showing more rain for the next three days. My relatives in NJ are all battened down, boats out of the water, schools and transit all closed on Monday. They will be seeing more of this weather than we will.

      Thanks Sue.


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