Solara An Ra: 12-12-12 Meditation

I did this meditation tonight, it was so lovely.  As it finished, I continued on on my own journey.

I spiraled upwards towards my soul through the connection extending out of my crown.  When I got there, I looked around and was reminded of a jelly fish.  I could see many rays of light coming out of the soul heading towards earth, connecting to other incarnations on the planet, I assume.  Many lives, one soul.  I enjoyed looking around, could see the stars and lots of other souls over the planet.

I then came back into my body and spun out down through the other end of the connection towards Gaia’s core.  I ended up in front of a large glowing crystal.

From the center steps a bright, glowing, welcoming figure.

Hello, Daughter.

Hello, Gaia.

Do you know how much I love you?  I love this beautiful planet, every bit of it.

I do know this.  I am happy you are happy. 

She gestures towards the glowing crystal

This is my heart.  It is a constant.  It exists.  It is, always. 

She turns to me.

You are my heart.  All of you.  And those like you are the seeds for this new world we are creating.

At this point, I was interrupted and couldn’t continue.  But the feelings remain.  I feel Gaia’s love for humanity and my love for Gaia.  We are connected and the love just IS.

Blessings.  Enjoy the meditation.


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