You Invite Your Teachers

Below is the Archangel Uriel channeled message via Jennifer Hoffman for October 15, 2012.  This message is fitting for me right now as I find myself challenged daily by teachers (two, specifically) who don’t consciously know they are teaching me, and I have to frequently acknowledge what it is I am to learn from these people instead of reacting unfavorably and unconsciously.

It is really easy to dismiss people who act unpleasantly towards you as it being all their fault and to play the victim in the scenario.  By acknowledging and taking to heart what is being revealed to you, then you can make different choices for yourself. 

The first time I read that our biggest teachers are those who hurt us the most, I was not happy, or agreeable, for that matter.  How can someone who broke my heart and hurt my body be here “for” me?  In truth, our biggest teaching moments are done by those who love us the most and agreed to do this for us in our physical incarnations while in spirit.  Wow.  Took me awhile to accept that.  I am taught daily by those closest to me.  That changed my perspective on things for me.

Thank you so much to my best teachers.



Your soul embraces a human path for the purpose of ascending energy into higher frequencies. The karmic path can be viewed as your soul’s work in the third dimension, to shift energies and create an energetic space for ascension.  Ascension is not a single point or time when all of humanity is in agreement and ready. It is the free will choice to move energy into higher dimensions of being. The movement into ascension is made through your teachers, whom you invite to participate in ascension with you. Some of these are invitations you have forgotten or regret, but it is through them that you achieve ascension.

It is by your invitation that your teachers are present in your life. They have come to assist you in healing the fears, limitations, beliefs, emotions, frequencies and experiences that represent the density you have embodied within your emotional, physical, and etheric bodies. Their participation is essential because it is through them that your energetic imprints are mirrored back to you. All of your emotional experiences are presented to you through your teachers so you know what you can heal to allow your ascension to occur.

While your teachers can present a wide array of experiences to you, it is the most challenging ones that you connect with because these are areas of greatest density and disconnection. The anger, resentment, frustration, doubt or confusion you feel around them exist because the frequencies they mirror are out of alignment with your soul’s desire to bring you back into the wholeness of your divine blueprint. It is through your teachers that you have access to the mirrors you require for your illumination and learning. Your teachers are your mirrors for healing, and you are not a victim unless you choose to embody that energy.

Your teachers hold the energetic space for your healing and wholeness by mirroring all areas of disconnection and misalignment. While you may tempted to criticize, condemn and judge them, ask instead why you invited them. As you intend to align with your highest energies, you also invite teachers who will show you where you are out of integrity with this intention. Use their presence to do your healing and this will release you and them from your shared soul agreement. Then you, and they, are free to ascend into higher dimensions. Bless and appreciate your teachers, thank them for their presence and for responding to your invitation to be your mirror of healing, illumination, transformation and ascension.


Copyright (c) 2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. All Rights Reserved. You may copy, quote, translate or repost this article in its entirety by including the author name and a working link back to this website.


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