The Sweetness of Life

Today I had a short session with Lisa Gawlas.  I love to talk to her and I enjoy her readings.  The visuals she gets are amazing and I always come away with something new, something to apply to my life.

Today the visual she got before she even called me involved bees.  Now, bees have never been my favorite beings (I apologise for that Bee Oversoul, lol).  As a child I remember having a vivid dream I never forgot where I was chased by a swarm of bees.  I was terrified.  Another time in junior high, I was outside after lunch and a bee flew in the neck of my dress and got stuck in my sleeve.  I, of course, got stung.  Not the last time I got stung either.  One time I was riding in a car down the highway with the window down heading back to college after the summer off – no air conditioning in that car – and boom, I got hit in the eye and went down.  The driver pulled right over because we didn’t know what had happened to me.  Turned out a bee had hit me in my right eye with such force it sent me over flat on the seat.  It felt like I got hit with a baseball bat.  Immediately I was nauseous and in pain.  My eye swelled shut for days.  I looked awesome for the first week of school.  Side benefit was, it did get me out the dorms which I had been housed in even though I had requested an on campus apartment for my junior year.  I think I got the apartment due to sympathy from the housing office after I showed up there with my swollen eye and face, lol.

I finally no longer run away screeching, heart beating really fast, from bees flying around me.  “Freak out” doesn’t describe how I reacted when a bee flew near me, let alone landed on me.  LOL.  I have run across a snake and not gotten as icked out as I did by a bee.  However, these days I sit real still, breath deeply, and tell them to go away, bascially put up a force field with my mind to make them leave me alone.  And it usually works.  Even when they landed on me this past summer, I was okay, not thrilled, but okay.

So Lisa sees a golden netting with big holes draped over my life like a dome, and in each hole is a bumblebee.  The bees are all butt down, stingers in the holes, wings furiously flapping.  The buzzing noise is very loud, she says. 

Well this is definitely a new and unexpected totem!  But it fits.  The bees are apparently quite busy right now, pollinating my life.  I am the Queen in this hive and they are working hard for me.  She suggested I give some of them jobs, like making sure I had the means to take this trip and to enjoy myself on it.  The honeycomb is also a symbol of the heart and the honey the sweetness of life within.  That, I did not know. 

The bee is a reminder to extract the honey of life and to make our lives fertile while the sun shines. The bee reminds us that no matter how great the dream there is the pormise of fulfillment if we pursue it. The elixir of life is as sweet as honey, and the bee is a symbol that promises us that the opportunity to drink of it is ours if we but pursue our dreams. ~Ted Andrews, Animal Speak.

Life is sure becoming interesting.  Can’t wait to see what unfolds next.


2 responses

  1. What a fantastic interpretation of the bee, ‘no matter how great the dream there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue it’. …… everything seems to be flowing.

    Thanks for adding the author of animal guides as well, couldnt remember the name as I was looking up the meaning of frog. last summer each night we were paid a visit by a green frog, at the time I had the table positioned beneath the kitchen light and naturally assumed the frog was there to catch insects. over time the frog became more & more comfortable being with us, as I would often go to sit down to find him sitting on my chair. I have even have a photo of him sitting on my laptop. lol I’ve moved the table and chairs to the other side of the balcony as I found that position to be more open and cooler and away from the kitchen light. the frog is still with us and each night he makes his way up the stairs and heads over towards our new seating area. he seems to favour my side of the chair too. I am more than curious about the meaning of frog and perhaps meant to be paying attention to it’s meaning.
    love to you x


  2. Hi Dorothy
    I find this visual of Lisa’s for you very exciting!
    This morning a friend of mind sent me an email in which she told me about her friend’s dream in which she was experiencing an earthquake and the bees were helping her … she was actually singing to be bees.
    This also connects which the singing to the seals and dolphins which I have been talking about recently and now you are here with the bees.
    Actually … now I come to think of it I have been seeing things about bees everywhere recently … and … good grief… sitting here with me is some information about bees which my husband just picked up recently from a local farm … he has been thinking about bee keeping for some time.
    Wow … or Holy cow as Lisa would say 😉 … I feel really excited for you and also it is so exciting how connected we all are.
    Love, hugs & Thanks for the continued inspiration which you bring with all your sharings.


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