I opened the door….

I am in shock.  I can’t believe I am doing this.  You all know that one of the things on my list of things I want to do in my life is travel.  In fact, I would love to do that and make a living doing it somehow.  So recently I put it out there as “I am willing and ready”.  And left the details to Spirit.

This past weekend while chatting online, I was asked if I wanted to accompany my friend on a trip out of the country in December after her other friend had to bow out.  It’s for two weeks.  Heck yeah! was my first response.  Then the doubts started to creep in, I can’t, it’s too much money, etc.  Omg my boss will not like this, I just had a vacation.  How can I spend more money so soon after the last one?  Two weeks is a long time.  This wasn’t on my list of places I dreamt of visiting….. on and on.  But I said yes, conditionally, after she said she would cover the lodging since she was going anyhow.

I decided that if I am to do what I want, I at least have to allow the opening to stay open and not slam the door shut on the first chance I get.

First thing I did Monday was to go in and talk to my boss.  I laid it out for her, the opportunity and my doubts and guilt for leaving again so soon.  So who came along and gave my boss a personality makeover?  She told me that if I had the time, I should go.  When would that opportunity come along again?  And she said she was okay with it.

My next step yesterday was to go to the county clerk’s office to get the paperwork for a passport and hope it comes through in time.  It will be very close but if I am meant to go, then it will come when it needs to come.  I got the photo done, the money orders, the needed ID’s together and the paperwork filled out and all turned in by 10 this morning.  I did all this in between transports.  It was more expensive than I thought it would be, that’s for sure.  Not going to think about that though.  One step at a time.

I yet have to let my husband in on the news lol.  I wasn’t even sure the boss would be agreeable nor if I could get a passport in time for the trip so I was waiting for something definite to say.

I also have to book and pay for another flight plan.  Ugh.  But hey, Merry Christmas kids, mom/gramma’s going to Panama!  Hehehe.

Holy crap, can’t believe I’m doing this…..


17 responses

  1. I am honored to have you as my travel companion! I’ll never be able to thank you enough! Wish Debbie was going too! We’ll just have to take lots of pics to share!! I’m very excited to be traveling, something I hope to be doing a lot of…


  2. One of the aspects of the ancient prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is that there would be a break (panama canal?) in the road from the pre-Inka trail in the Andes to the North continent…..which would then be re-linked by the collaboration of the gifts of the Northern blending again with the wisdoms of the Southern peoples. By going there in Dec 2012, I wonder if you would be willing to be part of the prayer of Wholeness that invites a new way of seeing our indigenous embrace of the Earth who is evolving her consciousness by our love for one another? That ancient road from the Condor-filled sky to the land of Eagles actually ended at the Valley of the Moon, where Sonoma now nests. All the hundreds of native tribes of our area also gathered in this Valley, for Harvest festivals, then 9 months later for birthing in the hot waters so abundant then. Before europeans came, only the shamans, grandmothers and leaders were buried in Valley of the Moon, and there are burial mounds directly across the road from Westerbeck ranch. We are told that we are in the great time of awakening. Certainly the skills of collaboration, honoring Nature as source of all physical life and resources, ceremony and art are indigenous to our souls. And you, Dorothy, have become part of my Village circle. Perhaps you would toss a rock into the canal for me…to begin the ‘fill’ needed to reconnect us to our history/future? Love, Margy


  3. I hope it all comes together for you Dorothy. I really think that passport will arrive in plenty of time. Have a blast!….oh, and think of me once in a while when you’re looking at a volcano or the myriad of other fun things you’ll be doing. 😉 I’ll be thinking of you. And I want to see pictures….so I can be green with envy. LOL Big hugs.

    ( PS I know all about those creeping doubts. You made me feel better by showing me I’m not the only one that thinks this way.Thanks. LOL I also believe you’ll overcome them. I”ve ‘seen’ you in action before and you allow yourself to go for the things you want. I admire that. 🙂 You go girl! )


  4. I own creating it, claiming it has been the challenging part! 😀
    Eloheim has talked about us claiming our “shitty” bits. Claiming the shiny bits seem to be more difficult for me, and many others, I am sure.


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