Serving in Joy

I got so much from the interview below which I have summarised for me and you.  Lots and lots of “ahas” and a clarity that I was not expecting.  This went hand in hand with the stuff I am doing lately in my own inner work and the questions I have been trying to answer unsuccessfully for a very long time. 

Apparently my ego is still hanging onto much too tightly for me to allow myself to enjoy my life completely, to find and allow my joy to be present, to really change my perspective on what I am doing or not doing, to make choices that bring me joy.  Between Erin Mackley who is doing some Life Coaching with me, other teachers, and now Dee, I am now seeing that I frequently punish myself, for whatever reasons, by denying myself the joy of doing what makes me happy.  Wow.  I sincerely didn’t realise this until Friday night, and then listening to this, the message is reinforced.  I truly thought I had moved past most of those feelings and actions and beliefs.  I do way more things for myself than I ever used to do, but apparently I am still holding back on acknowledging my worthiness of receiving or even creating that joy.  

More stuff continues to come up, up, up for moving and redirecting. 


Insights from a Dee Wallace (actress and healer) interview on Jennifer Maclean’s Healing With The Masters:

Question Dee asked herself when she was conflicted after being offered a big acting job: “Why am I happier to be with my healing community than I am doing things for myself?”

Answer from her guides:  [Humans] believe and think, when I am doing the healing work, I am serving.  And that’s a problem.

We have separated our energy from the All.  We don’t acknowledge that when we are serving the Self, we am serving the All.  It is the highest thing we can do for all Energy.  We are all part of the One, therefore everything we do affects the One.

We believe and have been taught that whenever we serve ourselves, we take away from others.  We are taught to, literally, not do what is joyful.

This is the biggest Lie we have to overcome and recreate.

Service through Divine Love is anything that puts you in JOY.  Whenever we are not putting Joy back into the ONE we are not serving the world.

It egotistical to not claim this power, to not be around serving the Self because the ego is holding the world back.  Whenever we are not putting Joy back into the One, we are not serving the world.

Anything that puts you in JOY puts you in Divine Love.

We think, I have to pay for the my joy somehow with my health.  I have to pay for the money I’m making, for the fair exchange of services.  I can’t give myself permission to serve myself through the Divine Love of self.

So, what is serving through Divine Love?  Anything that puts you in JOY.  To acknowledge our magnificence.  To create joyful, beautiful things or moments for ourselves.

Say, I am commited to the joy of serving myself and serving others, knowing that I am serving the same energy.

You can’t create something you are not in  harmony with, so love the things you’re asking for, ie money, abundance, health, relationships, etc.  You are the creation of what you are receiving.

“Let go of the struggle and start creating.  As long as you are focused on the struggle, you are creating more struggle.  It doesn’t make sense to your mental mind to choose to be happy when you are threatened or challenged in any way, and yet we are saying to you, that is the way to create what you want.”

Everything is Light.  Ergo, you are Light, and you are the Light of you that creates what you are.  Everything you are you’ve created from the direction you’ve given your life.


I commit, direct, and claim that I am the Light that creates me freedom, joy, bliss, unconditional love, charity, fulfillment and beauty.  I am commited to the direction of the Light of me to be those things.


“Stop pushing, stop pulling, be in the middle and create.”  You know, I was just saying this very thing to someone, me being in a push-pull relationship, so when Dee said this to a caller, it gave me goosebumps.  Can’t remember the last time I said or thought that thought until recently, and here it is, the very same words spoken out loud by another, directly to me.  Got it.  Ahas galore this weekend.  Thank you to my guides, teachers, friends, mentors.


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