All is rising to the surface

Ran across this 10-10 Portal of Love is Here!  reposted in another blog and felt this part powerfully in my heart in conjunction with my previous discussion on forgiveness:

As the love flows in, it acts as an agent of cleansing, pushing all that is of a
heavier, denser vibration to the surface. Anxiety, fear, frustration, confusion,
anger, pain, victim-hood, self judgment, sadness, guilt, criticism, shame…..all
that is anti-love comes floating up. The trick is to observe it. To not identify
with it. It is not you. You can feel it, embrace it……yes it is possible to
embrace any of these emotions as you can feel the fear behind them all, the fear
of not being enough, not being worthy, not being good enough…….all fear of not
being lovable. Embrace them and thank them for the role they played in keeping
you safe in the old paradigm. Then let them go! This is where you
practice your mastery. You watch these feelings surface with joy in your heart
as it is proof that the love is infilling your being. Let the anti-love feelings
depart with your blessings. Call upon your mighty I AM presence to fill the
vacuum created with your own light and love. Call upon your Mother/Father God to
fill your heart with their love. Do this dance, emptying the dross, infilling
with the elixir of love. Open your cells to hold more love. It is your intention
that makes it so.


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