Random Thursday Thoughts

I have been seeing 11:11 a lot lately after a long period of time not noticing it at all.  Wonder what that means?  I smile regardless.  Love those numbers.

It’s still fairly warm around here, in the 50’s at least but the nights are chilly, below freezing, so I have extra blankets on the bed.  The trees are mostly orange and yellow or brown by now.  Lots of pumpkins line the country roads, every farm seems to have them out for sale by the side of the road.  Yesterday the wind was whipping so hard that lots of leaves left the trees.  Bonus to that is, today as I looked up at the trees when I drove by I could see all the nests the birds had built over the summer and the hawks were visible as they sit there watching for prey.

This afternoon I pulled up to pick up this older lady (80?) at a senior apartment center to take her to a medical appointment and I was shocked to see her reading a Nook – or whatever they are called.  Holy cow! I said to myself, She is more tech savvy than me!!  I still own a flip phone with no data plan, dislike texting unless it’s imperative, and have no desire for a Nook since I love the feel of books in my hands, turning pages, marking my spot, etc.  I also write notes to myself on paper, write checks, and carry cash not a debit card.  Yep, old fashioned I am.  And I don’t care.  Bandwagons usually leave me behind lol.  I can run my computer and taught myself to design and redesign the look in my old yuku group all the time and I like to mess around here.  So I can use the technology, I just don’t feel the need to follow trends and never have.  I just pick something (tech-y) up when it calls to me, if at all. 🙂 Nooks don’t do it for me at this time, but you go, Grandma! I’m impressed!

If you remember Kaia, my granddaughter, had a few sessions with Erin Mackley this summer to clear her energy and help her with her and our challenges with Kaia’s behavior. Since she was born, she was always getting upset with whatever didn’t go her way and would have massive, hours-long, horrible fits, every single week at least once, which was an improvement from before when it was daily. And it would take very little to set her off. Not so anymore! I’m think we have gotten past these blowouts for the most part. Though I’m pretty sure come teenagehood, we’ll see some door slamming happening hehehe. She still has a temper. With this improvement, in the last month this girl has had one fit that she self-calmed by calling me and talking through her upset. She got to the edge of another one, went to her room and calmed herself down before it got very far. Yay, progress!  I am seeing this little girl take control and responsibility for herself and I love it. She is actually fun have around and we don’t tiptoe around her waiting for the next bomb to explode. I’m sure the extra activities like swimming have had something to do with it as well. But it’s all good.

And finally, this little bit of insight below….which reminds me of what a certain wise person said to me years ago after I whined about not understanding something, “What?  You want someone else to drive your Lamborghini?” Hmmmph!  Fine!  LOL.  I had to figure it out for myself, in my own time.

You cannot transmit wisdom and insight to another person. The seed is already there. A good teacher touches the seed, allowing it to wake up, to sprout, and to grow.
— Thich Nhat Hanh


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