What Time Is It?

I am having such issues with time anymore.  I do a lot of head shaking in disbelief, what, I’m late again?  And it’s been going on for at least a year. 


I was late to work four days out of five this week.  I will look at the clock as I’m getting ready, calculate I have plenty of time to do …whatever… before I have to go out the door, and next time I look, fifteen minutes or half an hour will have passed in what I swore were only five minutes!  What?  How did I do that?  Now I’m late!  And I fly out the door in panic.  I have been five to ten minutes late each time and this is not the first week, you’d think I’d figure it out.  I swear time is having fun messing with me.

Last year, no matter how I tried, I kept mistaking the time set for a phone appointment I had with someone and called her twice at the wrong time.  She is two hours behind me (ex.: me @10am would make her @8am) and I kept trying to make her two hours the opposite way every time I thought about it.  So then of course, that day I called her two hours wrong, then one, then finally at the correct time.  I was a tad mortified!  LOL.  I totally could not get a handle on it. 

And so it continues.  My job is such that I have to be in certain places at specific times.  It makes it difficult when I am so “out of time”.  I realise that we are living in the present moment, now time, but the rest of my life is not up to speed there.  I am constantly thinking, @%*! I’m late again!!  I usually get the clients there on time, but not early.  Good thing I don’t have to punch a time clock and hopefully none of my bosses note my lateness in the mornings.  I do make up for it at the end of the day because I am most often working over and just don’t claim that time instead.

I really need a job where my life is not partitioned off into these strict time segments.  When I am home, the days fly by if I have many things I have to do but if I have a nonscheduled day, it feels like a very long day, a good day.  

I’ve been up for several hours and when I look at the clock, it seems like it ought to be noon instead of only 10:00.  I have nothing planned for today.  Time is so weird these days.  I just can’t get a handle on it yet.

I love this clock.  It totally resonates….


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