Random bits

Been working on writing a longer version of my story in the other blog and boy, am I having issues with editing.  Ha!  What to leave in, what to leave out!  It gets longer each time I go back lol.  Now I know what I’m in for in other people’s stories!  Every time I read it over, I think, hmmm, that shouldn’t be there or you need to clarify that and does this make sense?  Ach, I need to leave it for a bit and go back, it’s taking too much time right now and too much of my brain.  Maybe if I leave it alone for a few days, it will be easier.

Yesterday was probably the last of our summer weather, it was 80 here, really warm and pretty.  Now it’s supposed to rain and temps drop about 40 degrees over the weekend.  Leaves are now way past prime here, and pretty soon the trees will be bare.  Ugh.  I am not a fan of winter, don’t like being cold and I much prefer greenery to bare trees and brown lawns and snow.

I am still having an issue with my coworker, thought I had resolved it, don’t know what to do about it and don’t want to make it worse.  I will keep at it though.  They sure are stubborn!  Well since this is reflecting something in me, I guess it’s me that’s resisting.

My sister in law has been visiting up here from NJ for the last two weeks so it’s been nice to see her again.  Makes me miss my brother though.

Ok that’s it for now.  Gotta run!

Hugs!  Have a lovely day!


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