Pushing my comfort zone, again

( Sidenote:  I have to laugh at the spam I got today in reference to my post “Wow”.   It basically told me to stop whining.  LOL LOL!  I apologise if I was whining hehehe. )

So I have taken a step towards one of my dreams, and that is, to put into words other people’s life stories, not into a book length piece but a smaller version.  Most of us could fill a book with all of our different experiences!!  I want to write inspiring, thoughtful pieces based on a life story.  Upon encouragement from several sources, I started a new blog I titled “Every Soul Has a Story” – the tagline says, how I got here from there.  Obviously it’s just in the beginning stage as I am still working on the set up and how I am going to work it but eventually I will be posting pieces after speaking with people about their lives, about what inspires them, how they overcame challenges and what they live currently compared to how it used to be lived.  It is facinating to me that each of us has this great story behind us and most of us live quiet, unassuming lives yet in the living, we inspire others.  And usually have no clue we have or are doing so. 

I would love to combine this with travel so I could go and meet people in other parts of the world in person.  Travel is on my list of things to do, too so it would be a marvelous adventure.

Not rushing ahead though, step by step is all I can do and I’ll see where each leads me.  If I think too far ahead I get all nervous and want to delete and not do it at all.  I start throwing obstacles in front of me; what if’s and I can’ts and how and this is stupid and this won’t work fly around and make my little brain and survival instinct get all freaked out.

Yikes. Signing off before I talk myself out of it!


One response

  1. Good for you Dorothy – making that first move will get the energy of the Universe behind you. It all begins with the first step.
    ((( supportive hugs)))


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