Breathtaking Rays of Light Raining Down

Edited: I went back and reread this since I wrote it really quickly today on my lunch break before I forgot the dream and it bothers me that it didn’t read very well.  So I re-did it!   Sorry about that!

I had the most marvelous dream sequence last night….vivid colors exploding behind my eyes…ahhhh…..heaven brought to earth.

I was in a car driving somewhere and when I looked through the windshield at the sky, it was lit up with vibrant colors.  The unobstructed view in front of me from left to right was filled as far as I could see, horizon to horizon, with streaks of turquoise Light and dark shades of this strong color filled the sky, gorgeous streaks of light raining down to the groundStriking, gorgeous colors that sent me right into awe.  I said to my passengers in the back, hey kids look at the sky!

(This photo is similar to how the colors rained down but the hue is not vibrant enough to do them justice.)

Then when I looked again, the sky had changed to pinks and violets, again with vivid and gorgeous streaks of color raining down from the sky to the ground.  I can still see them in my mind’s eye and this photo do not do them justice either.  It is much closer in color but the streaks were spread out wide filling the open sky in my dream, a veritable panorama of intense color – more like the above turquoise example.  Take the two photos and blend them, the vibrancy of the pinks with the widespread color of the turquoise.  And I felt like the colors were right in my face, like I could touch them if I reached outside. 

I am so impressed with the vibrant hues of the colors my hs often brings to me in my dreams.  I imagine this is what our “real” life looks like in spirit.  These are among the dreams that stay with me, the ones with intense colors, the others being when I can touch and literally feel the thing I’m touching in my dream.  I wake up in awe every single time.  Don’t know what this particular dream really means, but ahhhhhhhh, I love how it makes me feel.


One response

  1. Oh Dorothy I really LOVED this … especially these colours. A while ago I wrote about turquoise and magenta and how both of these colours have been with me as healing colours. They also appear together in the paua shell in NZ. Absolutely gorgeous gifts for you during dreamtime … beautiful healing colours.
    Sending you much love and thanks so much for sharing this with us all.


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