Happy Fall!

First day of Fall and darn, the heat was on this morning when I got up.  First time it came on since April/May, I think.  Brrr, my house is chilly this morning.  I set the temperature to come on at 62F so it wouldn’t be freezing in here when I got up and it finally came on today.  Leaves are turning, my hill in front of my house is beginning to show bright colors, and this past night should speed that change right along, it was 40F last night.

Time to pull out my  sweaters and put away the shorts and short sleeves today.  <shudder> Did I mention I don’t like being cold?  LOL

My heart is full this morning, it’s a nice feeling.  I shall spend a quiet day with myself, husband has to work and no kids here so it will be good to be home alone for awhile.  I actually will have some time to meditate without interruptions.  It’s been awhile!!  Make some dinner and poke around here at home without rushing sounds like a good plan.  It makes the weekends feel long and rejuvenating when I can do that.

Have a great Sunday and if I am inspired, I may be back later.

Big hugs.


6 responses

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  2. I can feel your contentment coming off your writing in waves. It is wonderful to experience it through you.
    Hehe…I don’t much like the cold either…but here I am back in the gloomy wet UK after the warm sunshine of France. My one consolation is that I am seeing the beautiful rich autumn colours around me.
    I love the picture you have posted. What an amazing scene your hill is. I would be staring at it all day if I had the chance.


    • I’m glad I could share the feelings here. I love the hills around here as I said to Eileen. And I do sit in the front yard and gaze at those hills a lot when the weather permits. Always said if someone builds a house in front of me, I’m throwing a fit and moving! Right now it’s a big open field with a clear view to the hills. Love it.
      P.S. Nice to see you again! Are you blogging?


  3. It is interesting how Autumn is called Fall in America. It makes sense as the leaves are `falling’ … however it did sound funny when I saw your title about happy fall … it brought a picture to my mind of you falling down laughing. 😉
    Happy Autumn/Fall/ to you too Dorothy. That pic is beautiful … there are some fabulous colours about aren’t there. Oh … and Happy spring to eveyone in the Southern Hemisphere too. All Change!


    • Haha that’s a great image, Eileen. OK Happy Autumn, Eileen! LOL it’s interchangeable here and I’m lazy.
      I love my hills in the Fall. I drive all over and when I should be watching the road for deer, I’m looking at the colors dotting the hills. Not very smart sometimes lol.


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