Energy remedy

It is time for you to start giving yourselves the help you need, and before you close your eyes each night or once you have closed your eyes but before you fall asleep, saying aloud or in your mind what energy it is you feel you need is the remedy for the day.  So…if you are feeling stressed or frustrated, you do not need to know what the remedy is. You can simply say, ‘I feel frustrated.  Can that please move during sleep?” It already will, but by you directing attention toward it in this manner, both for yourself and your Over Soul, you will give it full attention. And transformational healing will take place for you that is powered two to three times the strength if you had not made this request. So for those of you looking to remedy your bodies and heal yourselves, this is very good to know.

~~Ziadora through Lee Harris, from The Mastery of Sleep and Lee’s new book ‘Energy Speaks’

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