Appreciating What Is

Today is a down day for me, no canning and no schedule.  Well, I am picking up my house and making soup, but it’s because I want to, not because I have to.  And now it’s breaktime and here I am! 

I am finding myself more able to be here, now, appreciating the moment, no matter what it is.  It is all here for me anyhow, created by me, so it’s to my benefit to notice and be present with it. 

My granddaughter spent the night here and is still here since her brother is at his track meet along with his mom.  It’s two hours away and we didn’t want to go so we stayed home together.  We visited Salvation Army and I found some “new” jeans and let Kaia choose some “new” tops to wear to school.  You can find the best stuff if you’re willing to look and try on a dozen pairs of pants or tops.  I often buy my paperbacks there but ran out of time before they closed. 

On a side note, apparently I have lost ten pounds in the last few months.  I only noticed it this week when every pair of pants I put on kept falling down so the other night I got the scale out (I rarely weigh myself, if my clothes fit, I know I am doing fine) and wow, was I stunned.  I weigh now what I weighed fifteen years ago, before menopause started actually.  It’s strange and made me go hmmm.  Then I remembered that I had begun drinking lemon water all day since two-three months ago and last week I had read that lemon in water is a good way to lose weight, not thinking much about it as I read.  I wasn’t doing it for that at all, it was for digestion and to balance my ph on the suggestion of someone.  Apparently it works well!  I also have cut my sugar intake way way down and avoid white flour as much as possible.  Not to lose weight but to help my body feel better.  It has helped with the aches and pains as well and my energy level is up.  I once read that lightworkers, and others, are putting on weight to get through this change, we are absorbing light and when we get past a certain level of vibration on this planet, the weight will come off.  Also, I notice that as people get older, their butts tend to disappear, is that what is going on with me?  LOL  So who knows what the answer is, maybe it’s all the above!  I noticed in the Eloheim photos that my pants were baggy… not a pretty sight.  Anyhow my pants don’t fit now lol so I wanted new ones.  I couldn’t find any work pants last night so I am going to go upstairs to my sewing room and take some of them in.  I felt like one of them dudes who walk around with their pants dragging off their butts hahaha.  I said to myself, wow I don’t know how those guys stand this! as I dragged them back up for the millionth time yesterday. 

However, I do appreciate that I have stopped increasing my weight!

Kaia keeps asking me questions before bed and at odd times during the day.  She sees things, lights and streaks of light and it still freaks her out.  One of these days, she will accept and claim her power and know that she is safe.  I tell her I am jealous that she sees and I don’t lol.  She’d rather it was me instead of her by the look on her face when I say that.  But the talks we have had lately are facinating, she is so curious.  Today she asked me if when she died and came back, could she be a cat?  Last night, she saw what she describes as light dripping down like water.  I did not know what to tell her that was! 

Had to go get a muffler on my car this week, I sounded like a motorcycle.  And our truck needs one as well, it sounds like diesel and it is not.  This is the month of two tax payments and now this.  It’s always something but I am grateful I can pay for this stuff now and not cry!  Too many years of living on the edge so I cherish that I can pay for what I want and need.

Kaia just asked me what content means.  I said the cat is purring because she is content.  I am content, Kaia.  Soup is simmering, vacuuming is done, laundry is done, Kaia is playing and happy, leaves are turning, I have a warm home and nothing that needs my immediate attention.  I am content.


8 responses

  1. Ah … simmering soup and the vacuuming done … a warm home …
    Thanks Dorothy for accentuating the positive and spreading the vibrations of gratitude.
    Feeling content here too … with a warm cuppa and the sun shining through the window. Also good to pop over to yours and see that the vacuuming is done. 😉


    • Hi Marilyn! Nice to see you here! Thank you, I write way better than I talk lol. Kaia is 9 and I have written a lot about her, she is the family challenge, has been since Day 1, but she is my special charge to teach. You will find lots of Kaia posts on here lol.


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