Giving and Receiving

“If it was given and never received, it was like it was never given [to the intended receiver].”


Wow powerful.  I heard this on Super Soul Sunday today.  If in the giving, the person cannot receive it, it is like it was never given to them.  They do not see it, they cannot hear it, they are not ready to receive it.  It goes right over them.

Do we stop giving?  No.  We continue to emanate out and who receives it and how it is received is not for us to be concerned with, our concern is our own emanations.  How do we want to emanate and be in this world?  That is our concern.

It can be a bit disappointing or surprising when we find out that what we intended to do/give/emanate is not what was received.  Feedback or validation helps us grow, and we may or may not change something in what we do/say/act after that.

This is a facinating subject to ponder.  When we give of ourselves, we have to learn to let go of the expectations of what will become of it afterwards.   It has nothing to do with who we are or what we intended.  It is only up to the receivers how it is received.


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