Closing Ceremony: Eloheim Retreat 2012

The room was set up with all the chairs set in a big circle.  Veronica talked a bit about not knowing how to do this so we were to just tell everyone what we thought or felt about the retreat.  We were to say whatever came to mind.  I sat about two thirds of the way around the room from where it began so I had plenty of time to come up with something.  Did I?  Well, remember I dislike being in the spotlight but it was easier since I wasn’t in the front all by myself.  I still didn’t know what I wanted to say other than it was great!

The first few didn’t say much only that they loved it and everyone there, and expressed much gratitude for this opportunity.  Many became emotional, again, and we all laughed and got weepy once again right along with them.  A veritable weep fest lol.  Gratitude for being able to connect with so many of like mind was common to all.   When it got to me, I still didn’t have a clue what I wanted to say or if I could, as usual… lol.  I told them, I am not a group person, I don’t like groups so coming here was big for me.  I am so glad I did because I feel so connected to all of you.  Then I got choked up and could hardly get the words out, “you are my family, my people.  Thank you.”  One of the last to speak was a younger woman.  Her whole speech was about how “awesome” everyone and everything was.  Hahahaha she was hilarious and sweet.  After the first few times we started laughing every time she said “awesome!”.  She just couldn’t find a better word for the people and the retreat and the food and everything.  We were just plain AWESOME!!  Too funny.  I love her, had told her earlier she reminded me of my daughter, that they could be my kids.  Turns out she is a graphic artist, like my daughter, and the same exact age.  Can she be my second daughter?  I want to adopt her lol.

Anyhow, we gave feedback on doing this again next year, for how long and when.  Turns out we all think it wasn’t long enough so they added an extra day next year.  I want to go, don’t look forward to the plane rides and getting there but loved the event so I will definitely go again.  I have a year to save up!  Veronica tells us that behind us in that circle was the next layer of those who will come, and more after that.  I can’t wait!

The goodbyes were lingering.  No one wanted to go.  It was so sweet and loving, it was hard to leave that vibration and head home.  But we haven’t left it altogether.  Physically, most of us are not together, but we get to communicate via Facebook or email if we want.  And we take the things we have learned with us.

I said this elsewhere, but it’s still true, “I am home now, and still, in every moment of every day, the retreat is with me.  I am forever changed.”

(I am on the far right in the front.  My “adopted” daughter is behind me.  🙂  )


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  1. Awwww, I love this story! What a blast it was and yes I am still saying how awesome it is..”LOL!” I feel that same way about everyone from the retreat. It was my family! Listening to the wednesday meeting and hearing people the voices just reminded me how much I miss everyone!


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