Tuning Up

We had a choice of breakout sessions we wanted to join during the retreat.  For awhile I was uncertain if I wanted to do any of them.  I don’t normally enjoy groups and actually attending the retreat was a  huge “breakout” for me, but finally I decided to check out the Tuning Forks with Heidi.  The others were Sound Healing (would I have to sound something? umm…no thank you), Astrology (I have no idea what time I was born and I know that’s important to your individual chart, so…no), 21st Century Investments (not interested, sorry John), and Putting the Eloheim Tools to Work- Discussion Group (again, a group talking thing…no, not ready for that).  The tuning forks though sounded interesting and like something I could do myself later if I wanted.  She was also offering healing sessions which I really wanted try.

Heidi first talked about the tuning forks healing abilities and the difference in the Om Tuners with the Solfeggio Frequencies and the Angelic Tuners.  For more information on tuners and Heidi, go Here .

Om Tuner and owning feeling Safe

by Heidi Schunke

“Women like to feel safe; men like to feel awesome” are words from [Eloheim and] the local meetings Wednesday night with Veronica.  I find the OM tuner resonates with women a lot, and partly it is because they feel safe with it.  At any fair I had a table, I sold at least 3 OM tuners for ever 20 or so free one minute OM tunings..   Men like feeling safe though they are less likely to buy the OM tuner. Men are more likely to ask the price and jump on the table for a full session, then and there or in a private session after the fair.   I do not know whether this is because men KNOW they deserve pampering or whether women are so blown away by dramatic change in something they thought they could not change that they are simply grateful to be able to promote healing.

Women buy the tuner because the muscle spasms stop; the migraines stop;, they feel more peaceful.  For me a 6 month migraine was stopped for 15 whole minutes while pain meds had just made me sleepy and confused.  So 15 painfree minutes may not sound like much to some folks though at the height of tax season and 18 hour work days it was a miracle for me.  And I could stop migraines again and again by tuning myself with the OM tuner.  I got so I could intercept the migraine before it could settle in.  And the more I tuned myself with the OM tuner, the longer the painfree intervals.  Sometimes for night driving, I still pull out an OM tuner  that the headlight glare is quietened.   Mostly now the OM tuner is a luxury and a pleasant friendly vibration helping with meditations.

I started ruminating on the “women like to feel safe” part of the earlier quote in preparation for my breakout group at the upcoming  retreat in Sonoma.  If it is a small breakout group, everyone gets at least a 1 minute OM tuning, and I want to talk to the others as they watch me interact with the volunteer.  It will be different from the 25 or so healing fairs I have done in that it is a short presentation to whomever wishes to come.    Fewer folks means more personal attention.  And I will delight in seeing the spontaneous, WOW as I close each session.  It is great fun.  See http://www.eloheim.com for more on the meetings and retreat.

So as I listened to Heidi speak and felt included in her passion and joy, I knew I had chosen correctly for me.  This was so interesting.  And I couldn’t wait to feel those energies for myself.

Her table was set up outside under the big tree and coincidentally, our heads were lined up directly below the star hanging in the tree (visible in the photo below) – which no one noticed until the first person turned over to lie on her back on the table.  One tuner is used for each chakra, each color coded to the particular chakra.  Heidi hits the tuner on the edge of her palm, holds it over the chakra and when the tuning fork stops moving, the chakra is tuned to its perfect frequency.  Sometimes the tuner hardly moves as she holds it over the chakra, sometimes it spins a lot before it settles down, depending on the state of the chakra.  She tunes each chakra so it balances and spins at the right speed/frequency and after doing them all, she makes sure to use all the tuners at once weaving them in what looks like a spiral movement down and up the body to have all the chakras harmoniusly working together.  (Forgive me if I explain this wrong, the errors are mine, not hers.)  Facinated, I watched each person get off that table deeply affected by their healing session.

To begin each healing session, she asked what our intentions or goals were for the session and then, with our permission, gave a short prayer based on that.  The words that rose up in me when she asked were Clarity and Courage.  Heidi then put me on my stomach and began tuning each chakra, doing her magic.

When she got to my crown chakra, I felt like cold water was pouring over my head, as if in a baptism.  The other chakras were not as vividly felt on my back but I usually knew where she was in the process.  Then I turned over.  Whoaaa.  I began shivering and shaking, as if I was cold but it was not chilly outside where we were, in fact it was quite warm.  The whole time Heidi worked on my front, I vibrated uncontrollably.  I could not stop no matter how I tried!  My head again felt the cold water sensation while the third eye felt hot.  The solar plexus tuning increased the shaking.  Wheee, I was spinning!  I could feel the energies opening me up and moving around.  When I sat up and stood after the session, I could hardly walk, I was so shaky.  It was like coming off an adrenaline high.  Phwew!  And my headache that I had had since flying west was gone.  That was a wonderful benefit.  I felt so good and slept really well that night.

So that’s my experience with the tuning forks.  I think I want one for myself, they felt really good and it’s something I can use not only on myself but on anyone who is interested.  There’s a basic one that can be used in any place on your body called the Om tuner.  Amazing.  

I feel like a bit of a latecomer to all this stuff to do with healing, and I know it’s old hat to some, but I absolutely loved the whole tuning fork experience and cannot wait to do it again.


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