Must be it shows…

My daughter says to me Saturday after seeing her for the first time since I got home, What did you do, you look different?

Taken aback, I say, Nothing?  Umm, cut my bangs?

I don’t know, she says, but you look different.

It only  just occurred to me today that maybe she was seeing the change in me that I wasn’t sure was noticeable.  I feel different.  She was the second person to tell me that, wait – three, if you count Eileen (and I do!).  Has to be more than surface they see.  Wonderful, that makes me happy that it’s a noticeable difference to others because I sure feel more me, more something, maybe more of my soul residing in me.

I could feel myself slipping a bit back into old me the last two days being so busy again, back into familiar territory, and surrounded by the same old people and circumstances it would be quite easy to do.  It’s tempting to go back into the familar groove, slide right in there where it’s comfortable.  Well, not comfortable exactly, just known.  Nope.  New me knows what feels good and will keep moving, creating new trails.  Don’t have a clue where I’m going, but hey, uncertainty is full of possibilities, as Eloheim says.

Update:  I got the “you seem different” again this afternoon from a friend I haven’t seen in a month….I am loving this!


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